There is no other wish for ladies but to always look beautiful, whether in their clothing, accessory, or makeup. No matter what the season or occasion, being pretty all the time for self-esteem and confidence, who would never want that?

We understand your dreams as we also feel the same way. That is why we have put up the best lipsticks that you can wear, especially this winter. As we know that you have already invested in your winter clothing and accessories, then why not elevate it more by getting a lovely shade of lipstick as an addition!

Down below are some of the chicest and adorable lipstick that has been roaming around this winter. You may try and get yourself one, to examine and feel the good vibe you can get with them! Never dries out your lips with never-ending shades.

1. Deep Red

Order now, this Rare Blood – Deep Red thick and creamy lipstick that shows off thick and cherry shades! The non-grease for healthy and moisturize lips, perfect for winter chapped lips. You may increase the thickness and the color shade depending on your preference.

2. Nude Pink

Getting yourself a nude pink color liquid lipstick is perfect for moisturizing and conditioning as a balm. It is quite bold and long-wearing that can stay for hours. For a busy day and hectic schedule, getting a Ohii True Matte Lipstick is the right choice.

3. Fuschia

If you like the feels of a classic and sophisticated lipstick shade, then you should get out of your comfort zone and try this Fushia Matte Liquid Lipstick! This winter lip color with pigmented liquid matte features a unique arrow applicator for better application.

4. Dusty Rose

It’s a good idea to always treat your pout to a unique and pop color with deep moisturizing Loyalty Dusty Rose Natural Lipstick. This lipstick looks amazingly gorgeous when paired and matched to smoldering eyes and killer sexy attire! Perfect for any winter getaways.

5. Meow

If your concern this winter is your chronic chapped lips, then you should pick this Matte Lip Velour Lipstick with its creamy moisturize texture and meow color! Getting a fair and lovely lip will save your day during the winter season. You’ll love the feeling of how hydrating this lipstick for you.

No matter what the season, makeup trends are always direct at our faces, so we should have that killer lipstick shades every time. From matte, rose, or fuschia, these lipstick color is best for winter! If you’re looking for a lipstick shade that you can rely on this season, then these shades are worth a try.