So you finally made the decision to try out shapewear lingerie for the first time but you’re not sure where to start? Or maybe you already own a bodysuit.

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shaper or shorts but they don’t really work the way they should? No matter in which group you find yourself, this guide is a perfect place to start from Lover-Beauty!

We combined a couple of useful styling tips that will help you choose a  shapewear that will suit you just right.

First of all, think of the clothes that you already have in your closet and decide underneath which items you are going to wear your shapewear. The style of your dresses, skirts, and tops will determine what type of shorts or bodysuits you are going to wear. For example, if you mainly wear tight-fitting dresses, you may look for lingerie that will accentuate your curves while hiding your imperfections such as slimming your thighs or flatten your tummy.

If you like wearing short skirts and dresses, you will most probably choose shaper briefs, ultra-short shorts or Shorts Shapewear that won’t be visible under your garments.

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If you have a lot of tight pants and skinny jeans, you may select longer shorts of even leggings (there are also some full bodysuits that you may consider) as you want to focus on slimming your thighs while also making your curves more visible and having a perfect hour-glass shape.

For more body revealing, asymmetric, or off-the-shoulder dresses, make sure the straps of your bodysuits are removable, so you can easily sport any style you want. One of the most common mistakes while choosing shapewear lingerie is not matching it with the style of your outfit and thus not feeling

comfortable or even risking some serious wardrobe malfunctions during your event or night out.

If you want to make your waist look smaller, you should opt for a waist trainer or a bodysuit that offers extra support for your abdomen area. Some bodysuits have a special design that feature 2 or 3 layers of fabric and will make your tummy look super flat and toned while still being very comfortable to wear.

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If you consider yourself slightly bigger than the average girl, you may want to have a look at body shaper buttock lifter. Those pieces are especially designed to cater to the needs of women and will help you hide all unwanted kilograms, slim down the parts of your body that you want to hide, and accentuate your best features.

Let’s have a look and some popular styles of full body shaper buttock lifter below and help you decide which one will be best for you.

Deep Coffee Seamless Tummy Firm Control Shorts Shapewear Light Control
Skin Color Solid Color Three Clasps Panty Shaper Slimming Waist

No matter what style and colour of your bodysuit you decide to wear, remember a couple of basic rules:

never opt for a bodysuit that doesn’t fit you (if it’s one size too small or one size to big, it will not only feel uncomfortable while wearing, but also won’t

work the way it should). Every piece of shapewear as well as regular lingerie should always fit you perfectly.

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don’t buy the same shapewear as your best friend only because she looks great or recommends a particular style to you. Remember that everyone has a different body shape and different needs. What make work for one

person, doesn’t necessarily suit another. While choosing shapewear lingerie for the first time, ask someone with styling experience for advice. Make sure you know your body type and your size, decide what you want your shapewear do for you – which areas require more control and support and what you want to accentuate. This way you will make the right choice and will be 100% happy with your shapewear lingerie.

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always choose high quality shapewear that is made with light, breathable fabrics, and also durable ones. Cheap, low quality lingerie will not only disappoint you as it may not have all the functions it promises to have, but also won’t last you long, may lose its colour and shape very quickly. At the end of the day, you will spend more money than by investing in one high quality bodysuit and you will also end up disappointed.

Remember than choosing the right style and design of a shapewear takes a bit of time and experience, but if you follow our tips mentioned above, you will for sure make some right choices and also enjoy the whole process of buying your shapewear.

Shapewear lingerie is a great addition to every wardrobe and with the use of modern technology and light, breathable fabrics, it is becoming more and more comfortable to wear, even for as long as the whole day. Give it a try and you won’t regret it!