Shapewear is truly an amazing undergarment. It helps to boost up your confidence and makes you feel your best. And, just like every other piece of clothing, shapewear comes in every imaginary style. Plus, every new season brands release new collections, so you will always have something new to pick up. In today’s post, we are going to concentrate on tummy control, and show you some of the best new shapewear for this particular area of your body.

These seamless shorts are working on three different areas of your body at the same time. The main emphasis goes on your time, of course, but they also shape your inner thighs and buttocks. The high-rise no-slip design is going to get rid of muffin tops, while the wide bands won’t allow your shorts to roll up.

Not every fashionista needs thigh and butt contouring. Sometimes all we want is strictly a belly-slimming effect. The waist trainer vest can be a great helper for control around the time. Still, you can opt-out for shapewear that is designed to give your buttocks an instant lift, giving you the most desirable hourglass shape.

The best shapewear for tummy and upper body is a light and seamless bodysuit. It will tone-up your breasts, emphasize the waistline, and push up the bottom. A comfortable zipper on the center of the shapewear will allow you to put it on and off with ease. It is simply perfect to wear underneath the clothes.

The next model has incredible abilities to stay put even on the most active person, thanks to the comfy adjustable shoulder straps. Just like previous shapewear models, it provides great compression, but this time doesn’t impact your breast area. You can pick up any bra style you prefer, and still look and feel put.

Similar to the previous model, this shapewear also doesn’t cover your breasts, leaving you an option to choose the desirable bra. However, this body-shaping suit covers a bit more of the buttocks and upper thigh area, smoothing out the extra volume on the inner sides of the legs. The wide hemline is decorated with beautiful lace trim.

And, lastly, we’ve decided to add a suit that will cover not only the tummy and buttocks, but the whole leg, leaving behind only your ankles. This suit will lift up your breasts and smooth away any unwanted volume all over your legs. Sounds like a great, all-in-one shapewear, doesn’t it?