Summer times and white dresses always go hand in hand. Summer is the perfect time when you can go and wear that white color cute dress that you were itching to wear since fall. It is the perfect color as it soothes you from the sweltering heat and provides comfort on a hot summer day.

Just don’t wear a white dress at a wedding and when you are doing something messy. It is a complete no. Add some flip-flops, flat sandals, a bag and you are good to go for the summer season. So, we have a lot of choices right from shirt dresses to poplin and slip dresses.

So, let us look at what we have in store in terms of cute white dresses.

1.Open back cotton dress

These open back cotton dresses make you look cool and comfortable at the same time. These kinds of dresses are perfect for your summer vacations. For example, the below A line dress with spaghetti straps gives your back an eye-catching look. You just need to polish your face with a bit of bold lipstick and some matching sandals and bag. You will nail the look. The other one is a bit tight with buttons and an open back style with collar. This style clearly screams classy without making much effort.

2.Puff sleeved dresses

These puff-sleeved short dresses are a bit naughty as well as seductive. They make you look sexy in a subtle sort of way. Also, look like milkmaid dresses. It is a perfect name for the same. Also, add some frills to the smock dress, you will look great with the right heels. These dresses are the epitome of sexy with an added dash of mischief inside.

3.Cotton Bohemain kind of dress

This dress a sexy bohemian look gives you a Greek goddess-like feeling. It is chic and quite trendy with a cinched waist. A belt is provided to give you a tighter fitting. Comparatively the dress is a bit loose. If paired with the correct strappy sandals and some accessorizing you should nail the Greek goddess look with this dress. So go on start shopping add this perfect white outfit to your wardrobe.

Ella broderie-anglaise cotton dress

4.Shirt Dress

These shirt dresses that originated from wearing boyfriends’ shirts or t-shirts have become quite trendy. Wearing these shirt dresses with a coat, or cinching them with a belt. There are numerous fashions that can be combined with them. This shirt dresses whose inspiration is taken from the restoration period is a bit loose with long sleeves. If paired with the right shoes and accessories it will clearly portray a bold image. Whereas the other one is simply a wardrobe necessity, a simple white short sleeved dress made up of cotton. It gives you quite a relaxed outfit feeling.

Corset cotton-poplin mini shirt dress

5.Maxi Dress

A summer wardrobe is not complete without a maxi dress. And that too when it comes in subtle and sleek styles of white. Puff sleeves are a trend recently which are not just going away. Refined maxi dress with embroidered ribbons inserted at panels and at sleeves. This v necked scalloped puff-sleeved dress is a recent trend. It has a hem that flounces is made up of pure cotton. While the other off-shoulder sexy dress gives you some sass. So, you have some great options in terms of a maxi dress too.

Memory Lane Cotton Slub Maxi Dress

So here were some great options for cute white dresses. So you take your pick for the summer and to your white collection.