Since Victorian times, women have been wearing corsets in order to get smaller waists, during the 50’s pin up girls revived this trend back and that hasn’t changed much during 2021, with the famous Kardashian sisters and their hourglass figures thanks to their waist trainers.

So, you’re probably wondering who’s a perfect candidate to use a waist trainer. Well, the answer is really is. Everyone is looking to define their silhouette and highlight what they like the most. And even if waist trainers are probably something that women will get more, there are also waist trainers for men… did you know that?

You can get the best shapewear bodysuits at Sculptshe, a brand that focuses on women’s shapewear and activewear. Their pieces are made using high-quality materials with the best technologies. And they’re always aiming to help women to shape their silhouette to a stunning one.

Sculptshe Open Crotch Lace Bodysuit Shapewear

This bodysuit shapewear targets the tummy, offering a soft and light shaping, thanks to its gradual mesh design. It doesn’t have any underwire to offer total comfort. The flexible lace makes it breathable. It also comes with adjustable and convertible straps, so you can wear it multiple ways and of course, it has an open crotch design for easy use while you visit the toilet.

Sculptshe Seamless Body Sculpt Shapewear

This body shapewear will make any of your outfits simply look flawless. It holds your core while shaping your butt and gives your upper tights a smooth look. Your bust and back get a contour thanks to the full torso coverage and compression. It’s made out of a soft fabric and has a seamless construction, so it won’t show under your clothes. Perfect to enhance your body’s natural shape.

You can also get a double belt waist trainer, that will help you achieve the waist you’re looking for. They have a wide range of waist trainers for you to choose from. You can either wear them all day, even to bed too, or for your workouts, whether if it is cardio, high-intensity ones, or even your ab workouts.

Sculptshe 20 Steel Bones 4 Row Hooks Latex Waist Cincher

This waist cincher will give you a stunning hourglass figure and beautiful curves from the moment you wear it. It does feature rows of hook closure so you can adjust the size and tightness. It also has a still and doubles steel bone design that strengthens the shape effect. It is made of a high-quality three-layered fabric with internal laser punched wholes to bring comfort and breathability to your experience.

Sculptshe Neoprene Tank Shaper Three Rows Hooks Belt

This tank shaper is made out of 80% neoprene and 20% nylon. It also has a great neck design that will help support your bust. It has three rows of hooks to help firm and adjust it and a belt design to strengthen the control on the abdominal section.

Have you ever wondered what results you can really get with them?  Well, results may vary from person to person, but waist training has a lot of benefits. Obviously, the biggest one, is that it will help you obtain a smaller waist while you’re using it. Besides, it does stimulate thermal activity in your abdomen, and that makes you sweat more during workouts. This means you’re taking more advantage of your workout with less effort.

To optimize the results of your waist trainer, you can always make a lifestyle change. This means that in order to get faster results you can start eating healthier and of course working out. It’s important for you to know that using a waist trainer isn’t dangerous if you use them the right way. This means that is not healthy if you start using a tighter waist trainer to get results faster.

Waist training should be part of a healthier lifestyle and the most important thing is that you listen and pay attention to your body.