If you’ve been very observant of the current fashion trends, you would know that mini skirts are booming right now. With more women becoming more confident and comfortable with their bodies, they’re also becoming unbothered with what other people have to say about their fashion styles. Hence, I want to celebrate with all of you by giving you ideas on what to wear for summer and be trendy!

1. Loose Embroidered Mini Dress

The Laurel Embroidered Mini Dress screams expensive, not in price but in a way that can show your elegance and beauty. It features puffed sleeves, a square neck, a classic silhouette and a timeless design. It’s excellent for both spring and summer, and you can style it in various ways as well.

2. Printed Bodycon Dresses

If you’ve been working out to get your summer body, these printed bodycon dresses from Pretty Litte Thing will show off your hard-earned body and show off the curves you’ve been hiding under your fall and winter clothes. Can you believe that these gorgeous clothing pieces are only $15 each? The fitted blue dress reminds me of the clear ocean water that perfectly matches the sunny weather and summer vibes!

3. Scrunched Bodycon Dress

One of the most common dresses that you can see pop[ular Tiktok girls are wearing right now are bodycon dresses with scrunched areas in the bust and thin spaghetti straps. You can rock this style too by wearing it with a classic shoulder bag inspired from the early 2000s and a pair of sandals or platform shoes.

4. Cut-Out Dresses

Cut-out dresses are incredibly trendy during all four seasons because of their uniqueness and modern looks. You can look well put-together with a basic white dress with cut-outs in the ribcage and a V-Neckline. You can wear this with a pair of strappy sandals, white boots, or lace-up Dr. Martens` shoes. You also add a cute crossbody purse and a white floppy hat to complete your Los Angeles Babe style.

5. Crochet Mini Dresses

Crochet dresses are not only beautiful but also sentimental, especially when they’re handmade by the artist. This Farm Rio Renata Crochet Mini Dress is 100% cotton, making it very wearable for summer with its breathable fabric. It has a retro design that’s very fitting for the season!

Farm Rio Rainbow Crochet Mini Dress

These mini dresses will not only make you feel less irritable with the hot weather but will revamp your summer style. Short dresses will make it easy for you to move around and enjoy your vacation without itchy and unnecessary fabric. You can find all these beautiful dresses online for excellent prices.