As we embark upon some of the hottest months of the year, we all know that the ideal moment has come to get in shape to hit the beaches and wear beautiful summer dresses for outdoor parties.

Shapellx has opened up their summer sale and makes the most of it before their products are sold out. Here are some products that might interest you. Happy shopping!

NeoSweat™ Arm Trimmers

Original Price: $58

Discounted Price: $34.80

This year, make a resolution to get thinner arms by wearing Shapellx Arm trimmers. Wear these while working out and get ready to flaunt your lean arms. The rigid fabric helps your arm to sweat profusely and with the help of thermal compression, transform your flabby arms into the size you want it to be.

These trimmers are known for their massive durability, thanks to their material that has latex-free polychloroprene which has an elevated degree of resistance to water. This helps the product to grip comfortably along the length of your arm without slipping or rolling.

Needless to say, they come in pairs. Additionally, it also has a pocket from where you insert your phone to access it in times of need. They come in various sizes according to the size of your biceps. These use thick fabric but can contour and flex while you stretch and contract your muscles. You also have a special offer in which you can also pay in four installments of $8.70 each.

PowerConceal™ Low-Back Hourglass

Original Price: $128

Discounted Price: $76.80

If you want to enjoy the warm sun on your skin in a beautiful summer dress, the power conceal low-back bodysuit is the perfect bodysuit to wear underneath your dress. You can also sport a low-cut back dress since as the name suggests, the bodysuit has a “low-back”.

A bodysuit like this helps you to target all the right places and sculpt it to perfection. It gives definition to your back, torso, and your waistline. It cinches your tummy and waist to give your body a beautiful hourglass shape. It is an absolute asset for your jaw-dropping dresses and gowns. Feel free to experiment with it on numerous occasions.

It has the provision for an open gusset which makes the bathroom visits very comfortable and easy. It beautifully smoothes out your top as well as love handles. The straps are flexible and adjusted to perfection based on your requirements. Additionally, it also lifts, enhances, and provides definition to your breasts and buttocks to the ideal peachy shape that you crave. You can also pay in four installments of $19.20 each.


There are many other products on the sales list. Visit their website to know more and select a product with key features that best match your requirements. Shapellx is a brand that continuously likes to pursue women customers that come in all sizes and shapes. This year’s summer sale has a number of plus size shapewear and ladies of all shapes can go on their shopping spree before their best products run out. Happy shopping night