Indeed clothing is the essential piece we should have and keep since it protects our body and helps to accentuate body silhouette. However, accessories somehow become the staple statement to boost our outfit, and they are as important as clothing.  

Accessories can elevate your mood since pairing them to your outfit is so fun and exciting. It will also amplify your personality, and it can express yourself. Accessories become the exclamations of a woman’s outfit since they boost the look they have.

Cartier, in particular, is a French luxury good that designs and manufactures jewelry and watches; they also sell and distribute their products and have an online website that can easily access by many people.

Varieties of Watches is Available

Cartier holds a unique place in making watches, and they always have their own creative way of making them. So their watches are both functional and valuable; besides, they always sit in the top wristwatches for their elegance and beauty, and they also give classic watches some twists and designs of their own. Moreover, most of their watches are made from vermeil or know to be gold-plated silver making them more affordable and less expensive.  They also design a more practical wristwatch that spurred its popularity among women and men; it has a comfortable and presentable feature, making them famous.

The Love Collection They Have

Cartier wins over many hearts of women, mainly because of their love collection accessories. The brain for this idea was influenced by making some symbol of love for many romantic couples. In particular, their love bracelet is on the top list for the most popular items among women’s preferences. Although the Cartier Love Bracelet is the most popular and iconic among them, it was designed not to be taken off as it has been secured on the wearer; it is also intended to be worn both male and female. They were known as the modern handcuff since it was connected using a screwdriver which can only be taken off by the one who has the thing that can take the screw off of it.   

Quality of the Jewelry

Cartier products are made in 100% natural materials; specifically, their famous love bracelet is designed with 18k pink, yellow, white gold. Furthermore, they made the gemstone with genuine diamonds. However, you must still be careful about the fake items made by Cartier, which is not since many are still doing imitations.  Cartier is known to use a top-notch material making their products real. Their products are well-made and perfectly made by professional craftsmen with talents.

Cartier Develop Unique and Iconic Designs of Jewelry Collections

Cartier has varieties of collections and styles of their jewelry that can classify in different names and labels such as the following.


It is a Louis Cartier signature jewelry piece; it consists of three bands and gold. This piece of jewelry traditionally stands for fidelity, friendship, and love. Although their iconic piece is embellished chiefly with sapphires and diamonds, it also has a simple elegance and timeless beauty. The color combination consists of yellow, white gold, and pink; however, with ceramics, it has another version of how people interpret it.   

Juste Un Clou

Juste un Clou is one of Cartier’s jewelry collections in which an ordinary nail is transformed into an exquisitely beautiful object. Its history was written that they create it in the year 1970 by the jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo. It was imbued by many people who love this in our modern-day since it has a nail-inspired look that gives a perfect silhouette. It was available with an ominous amount of gold and diamond variation; touches the heart of everyone and provides a classic style of bracelet. This style of jewelry makes you feel fearless, independent, and a free woman.

Clash De Cartier

This collection of Cartier’s jewelry embraces the modern spirit off beads, and studs merge into a mesh that comprises a distinct rib, this collection has its duality balancing the act of contradiction. It becomes one of the recognizable pieces of jewelry. It unveils the collection of pieces of jewelry through the spirit of inherent paradoxes.

Ecrou De Cartier

It plays a unique role in the industry of pieces of jewelry. It has movable bolts aligned on a ridged band, forming a circular, making it a special part of this industry. In addition, it has a simple design making it more beautiful. It has been a mark of being accessible, and it was imbued with how it turns ordinary to extraordinary. Everything about them shows power and freedom.

Everything about this collection exudes power and defiance, making it the standard that inspires many of Cartier’s designers. They design it to have magnetic force, making it more innovative and giving life to everyone who wears it. In addition, the unique designs it has been using as motivational for making other beautiful and robust designs for jewelry pieces.

First to Use Platinum For Making Jewelry

Platinum comes from the Spanish word Platino which means a little silver, and it is a precious silverfish white in color. Throughout the year, from the 19th century until now, platinum is so expensive. As a result, platinum has been costly and was used for royalty’s watch chains. Platinum is also a strong metal for jewelry; that is why it is impressive when Alfred Cartier made it as a piece of jewelry since it requires a high melting point that makes it incredible to work with.

Cartier is a trendy jewelry and wristwatch making manufacturer since they have had many innovative products throughout the years. However, they still have some room for improvements and changes because they design their products based on their practicality and demand.