One of the styles that remain this season, sweater dresses, they are like midi dresses or maxi dresses in the summer, a basic that will get you out of trouble at any time. Imagine that you are in a hurry and you do not know what to wear, a sweater dress with pantyhose for the cold and boots, ready, you are perfect to do any errand or go to a cafe with your friends. This garment is an icon at the beginning of autumn-winter because it is the perfect relationship between the comfort of a dress and the warmth of a sweater; I think it is the best combination.

I am a fan of oversized styles, shirts in summer as a dress is my go-to, this is my shirt dress but a winter version but a thousand times better because it makes you look much more arranged than with a long shirt, the fabrics and designs of A sweater can make you look very well dressed with the correct accessories and the right design for the occasion, you will never fail with a sweater dress this season, online stores are always the first to bring out all these new designs of this garment in the first weeks of September, the summer has not gone away and we are already looking for what we want to wear in the fall that has not yet arrived.

These designs are the top five of your favorite stores, they have innovative details such as better quality but updating their design so that it is in line with the new trends of the latest fashion collection because we want to be comfortable and warm but we also want to look very chic with our sweater dress and our favorite boots. The best way to combine this style is with over-the-knee boots, they make you look super elegant and well dressed for any casual occasion you have to attend and we love how it looks with these boots, it complements this style a lot.

If you want to add color to your wardrobe this is one way to do it, choose sweater dresses in more vibrant colors that you can use and attract a lot of attention, you can look for inspiration on Pinterest on how to accessorize it and what styles would suit you best depending on your body and for where you want to use it, there are many designs that are out there waiting for you to use them this season, you can not miss the favorite of the season.