Each woman wants a perfect slim, firm, with good-looking curves that can boost their confidence. Shapellx Shop will ideally offer affordable products but the shapewear that everyone must have.

1. Hourglass Full Body Shaper

We’ve all know that one of our dream bodies looks to have an hourglass shape, especially in the fastest and easiest way.

One of the best products of Shapellx is this Full Body Shaper that will make your body have an hourglass shape and have an excellent looking output when you wear it. Full body shaper will help you to look great from your waist down. It also has a double-layer waistband on top that gives extra support for your tummy. In addition, it has adjustable straps and front closing designs that make you comfortable, and wear it in the fastest and easiest way.

2. Backless Shapewear

Our Backless Airslim shapewear will not just help you achieve your desiring body. You are free to choose how to wear this Backless Airslim shapewear, whether just for your undergarments, or you can make it just for your tops that absolutely everyone will impress.

It features an ideal low-back dress that is perfect for your formal and wedding attire, and it also has convertible straps and a versatile shapewear design that you would love.

3. Powerful Tummy Shaper

Want to have an excellent-looking tummy, whether they look at you in front or sideward?

Tummy shapewear that would be perfect for desiring body, but, not just that, our shaper will like for mothers that working full-time each day. It will give you the best result and effect in fact that it has adjustable hip strap control for your easy wear and an all-over control smooth texture. In addition, this tummy shapewear is a perfect undergarment for every type of dress and skirt that you’ll wear.

4. Extreme Body Controller

Having this powerful body shaper will boost your confidence!

A body shaper that will show your figure, perfect curves and completely flattens your tummy just what you want to have. It has a full body cover that will also help your arms and shoulder practice a good-looking posture. It also has a breathable structure and allows your body freely to move, especially the body shaper has the smoother than smooth feels that you will love!

5. Open Bust Body Shaper

An Open bust shaper with its unique features, a seamless and surprisingly versatile, and feels the comfortability of our product – It enhances the shape of your legs to form a slim and gorgeous look. We are sure that everyone will surely want to have this one in fact that it will bring you a beautiful curve anytime you wear it perfectly for your undergarments. Furthermore, this bodysuit has a stretchable and adjustable strap that will surely make your shapewear fit your desiring body, help your chest, and provide chest support. 

6. Smooth Lace Bodysuit

Another Airslim Bodysuit product built to have a breathable lace, a one-piece that creates a stunning body shape – Featuring an open gusset for easy things to do when having a nature call. Also, have adjustable shoulder straps that will enable you to choose how you can wear it, whether in the styles of the criss-cross back, spaghetti, or straps or in a lovable style V that may enable you freely to have flexibility during your activities.

Every woman wants always to have the best among those best. Shapellx will not just give an affordable shapewear for women. We always provide the best, unique, and affordable products that are perfect for each of you.