Shapewear is clothing that both men and women wear underneath regular clothing. Women often use it to smoothen bulges and ensure a curvy body.

Shopping online is difficult for common goods; what more for clothing that needs the right size? Finding the right shapewear guide for you is the first step to making a good experience. So, how can you get the appropriate shapewear size?

Don’t Believe in Sizing Myths

Please don’t believe in hearsay that you should get smaller shapewear thinking it’ll expand after many uses, or get a bigger one because it might be uncomfortable.

Getting body shapewear that isn’t your size will defeat the purpose of having shapewear, and it is to shape your body in the best way. Therefore, always get the right shapewear size according to your measurements so you can maximize its use.

Follow the Size Guide of the Shapewear You Want to Buy

Durafits have a size guide below each product that you can follow, especially when you don’t know your size. The hips, waist, and bust must all match or fit the size you’re going to get, so you won’t feel disappointed when you finally receive the product.

It’s a hassle to receive, exchange and return an item, so save your time and follow the sizing guide.

The Bra, Hips, and Waist Size are the Most Important to Know When Shopping for the Perfect Shapewear

Before adding Durafits shapewear to your cart, ensure that you’ve already measured your body. To get the right size, follow these steps:

1. Get a tape measure, and measure around your busts. The highest point is your size.

2. Measure either in inches or centimeters.

3. Put the tape measure around the slimmest part of your stomach or waist. Make sure that you don’t put the tape measure too tight or too loose so you can get the most accurate measurement.

4. Your hip size is as crucial as your waist and bust because you either start from the bottom of the top when you’re wearing shapewear. Many blessed women have big hips, so if you’re one of them, and inaccurate hip measurement may lead to having difficulty putting the body shapewear on.

Don’t Get a Shapewear Too Small

Don’t think that because shapewear is stretchable, it might loosen over time; therefore, you need to get a size small to wear it for a long time. Though this reasoning is valid, getting shapewear too small can lead to these effects:

• Difficulty breathing

• Painful seams

• Tight fit

• Exaggeration of body fats

• Difficulty with sitting or specific movements

If you need to decide between getting a smaller or a bigger plus size shapewear,  choose your measurements that can fit. For example, select the bigger one if your bust, waist, or hips don’t fit in the smaller size.

Getting the right shapewear size isn’t as difficult as you may think. Measuring your bust, waist, and hips and following the size guide will help you save time and effort in dealing with shapewear that doesn’t fit. Durafits shapewear have elegant designs that are great for both day-to-day and occasional use