I believe that these shoes are not leaving our closets any soon and we know why, the white color is always a basic that we must have, whether in shirts, pants or shoes, in shoes even more if they are sports. I don’t think they know how many times a week I wear my white sneakers to go out, they go with everything, whether with a casual dress, pants, denim, shorts or skirts, they have become a classic and something that we are going to let go so easy because it is like your best friend who does not abandon you at times where you need to go out but do not want to wear sandals because you want to be comfortable and this style looks put together enough to use them.

There are hundreds of ways to use these shoes, my favorite outfit is the white t-shirt and high-waisted jeans, a classic that goes perfect with these classic shoes and with which we can go to many places without feeling badly dressed or too casual, although in Instagram you can see thousands of girls combining this style with mini dresses I think the best option will always be jeans, in the subway, you will always see a girl wearing these sneakers with a skirt or dress to go to work when her work environment It is more casual and believe me, nothing better than going to work with comfortable shoes.

The great designers have joined this trend and were the first to really show, all the styles of white shoes that you can add to your wardrobe and how to use them, starting there, the fast-fashion brands did their thing and took out all the styles possible so that you have thousands of options and that you never miss any. This style resists season after season and there is always a new design that you have never seen and that you want to wear every day.

Obviously, you can go for the completely white classic style without many details so that you can combine it with many more clothes and that last over time, but if your style is more colorful, there are hundreds of styles that include color in a super way chic. No matter what country you are in, this style is everywhere and you will always look sporty chic, so do not hesitate to add these shoes or update the ones you already have.