Not many women dare to wear colours or powerful colours such as yellow, green or fuchsia. But you should, because a pop of colour will always make your outfit stand out and this is especially true when it comes to coloured suits.

Below you will find 5 reasons why you should add a coloured suit to your wardrobe!

1. A suit always looks stylish

This is a fact and I can give you as an example all the men out there that look so handsome when wearing perfectly tailored suits. This is also true for women. If you find a suit in beautiful colours and even a black suit will do, that will fit you like a glove then you will look stylish for sure. If you wear it with a pair of stiletto shoes, the final result will be even better.

2. A suit will be the perfect choice when you don’t know what to wear

How many times have you looked into your wardrobe and didn’t know what to wear? I’m sure there were plenty of times like this. This is why is good to own a coloured suit. You can easily grab it, add a basic T-shirt or a white top and you will be ready to go. It will look good for work, an event or even if you go out with friends if you wear it with sneakers in a more casual way.

3. You can wear it any time of the day

This type of suit you can wear it day or night, unlike the black suit which is more appropriate for evening or for the office. But, a coloured suit in a bold colour, like orange or green, is great for the day wearing and also for a glam look during the evening, paired with some statement accessories.

4. You can wear it casual or elegant

I was saying that you can wear a suit any time of the day. There are two ways to wear it: casual or elegant. For the casual style, you can combine it with a pair of sneakers and a white top, leave the blazer open and add a pair of high heels. Try and put a belt around the blazer and add a pair of sunglasses to transform it into an elegant day outfit. For the evening just add some bold earrings.

5. It’s a statement piece

Let’s be honest, not every day nor everywhere you will see people dressed in powerful colours, yet in a suit in a powerful colour. For this reason, all eyes will be on you if you chose a coral, yellow or pink suit. This way you can make a statement and also influence other people to dare and wear colour!