Until a few years ago oversized clothes weren’t that high in demand in the fashion world, but things have changed and this is mostly due to the fact that oversized items came to have a more elegant cut. However, for women the most difficult thing to find is an oversized coat which looks good on them. If you are not a tall person and on the petite side, it will be even more difficult, because oversized clothes might make you look even more petite if they don’t have a certain cut. The same thing with coats. The majority of oversized coats are too big for many women, even the smallest sizes, but with patience you can find the right one for you!

In this article you will find 3 reasons why you should own an oversized coat!

1. It’s very cozy and will keep you warm

Most oversized coats are made out entirely out of wool or very thick fabrics. This makes them also warmer than the wide majority of coats out there. If you live in a place where there are harsh winters, then the oversized coat it’s perfect for you.

2. You can wear blazers and oversized sweaters with it

If you like to wear your blazers during winter time too, then you will definitely be in need of an oversized coat. Plus, if you are one of those women who like to wear big wool sweaters, then you understand very well that you can’t put over a classic coat. Most of the times you can barely move. But, with an oversized coat you will have freedom of the movement and you will be able to wear big sweaters. And this will come quite in hand when the winter temperatures get very low, just think that you will be able to wear a super fluffy sweater under your oversized coat, you will be able to move and also feel super cozy!

3. It’s a timeless piece

The oversized coat has never been out of fashion and it won’t be anytime soon. Besides being a practical and timeless piece,  you can also wear it in so many ways. For example, add a belt around your waist for a classy look or wear it with sneakers and a hoodie for a casual outfit. For this reason you should invest in an oversized coat made out of natural fabrics, like wool, and that have a good structure and cut, so that you will be able to wear it for many years.