Baseball jerseys are no longer just uniforms. They`re a fashion statement that can give you a cool, fun and trendy vibe. Both men and women can wear baseball jerseys as part of your streetwear. However, it`s worth noting that there are do`s and don`ts when donning baseball jerseys. Here are tips on how you can wear your baseball jersey in style:

Plain Shirt + Ripped Jeans

Use your baseball jersey as jacket for layering with a plain white shirt and a pair of ripped jeans. This iconic street-style look can make you look younger and trendy.

Wear a pair of high heels or a pair of Vans or Converse shoes to match the fun and casual look. If you`re wearing heels, you can also tuck in your jersey, but unbutton a few buttons on top. You can carry a purse or clutch for a complete outfit. Whether it`s summer or spring, this look is a staple almost every year.

Baseball Jerseys On Top of a Hoodie

If you`re going somewhere casual, or if it`s a bit chill out, you can wear your baseball jersey on top of your hoodie. Ensure that your hoodie isn`t too big so that it doesn`t look awkward.

You can also select a hoodie that isn`t too contrasting with your jersey. You can style a monochrome outfit with this tip. Then, a pair of dark pants or light jeans would look really cute.

Wear it as a Dress + Knee-High Boots 

One of the simplest ways you can wear baseball jerseys is to wear is as a dress. You can get a baseball jersey that`s already made into a dress, or you can get an oversized one so that it`s a bit longer to qualify as a dress. Then, you can wear it with a pair of knee-high boots for a sexy and fun outfit. You can accessorize with a baseball hat and a small backpack purse.

Look Edgy with a Crop Top + Baseball Jersey + Camouflage Pants

Be an edgy gal with a cute plaint crop top under your baseball jersey, and wear a pair of camouflage pants for that hot babe outfit. Whether you`re having a party with your friends or a fun shopping trip with your sister, this outfit is definitely an eye-catcher.

Be a Winter Favorite with Faux Fur Jacket on Top of a Baseball Jersey Dress

During winter, you can wear a baseball jersey to be used as a dress, a pair of knee-high winter boots, and a cute ear muffs to protect your ears from the cold. If you can`t find a jersey dress, you can opt for a men`s baseball jersey and order a big size. Then, layer with a thick faux fur jacket and if it`s really cold out, you can wear a pair of thermal leggings to keep you from freezing.

These tips are mere guides so that you can wear your baseball jersey in an adorably fashionable way. From these basic tips, you can accessorize, and mix and match from here.