Having a flat stomach is the dream of many women. This part of the body is often the first part of the body they want to get rid of when they start a slimming program, whether it is to slim their figure, to tuck into their favorite clothes, or just for comfort. You should know that several causes can be at the origin of a plump and swollen belly: an unbalanced diet, an imbalance of the intestinal flora, a lack of physical activity, and even the wearing of unsuitable lingerie! Fortunately, there are tips for each of these issues and I’ll help you put them together.


You have probably tried several diets to lose your belly, but as you have probably noticed, it is difficult to target your weight loss precisely. Nevertheless, a few good eating habits can help you eradicate your extra pounds and therefore, your abdominal fat.


There is no quick fix to losing a few inches off your waistline – your tummy just needs you to take care of it. Certain foods and eating habits cause digestive problems such as constipation or bloating. These inconveniences not only give you abdominal pain and discomfort but also increase the volume of your belly! So where to start? Let’s take stock of the basics in order to lose weight on the stomach and fight against visceral fat.

Adopt a healthy diet: It is essential to adopt a diet adapted to your needs (reducing carbohydrates is essential). Treat yourself, balance your meals, varying colors, textures, look after the presentation of your plates. Nourish all your senses! I assure you that you will naturally turn to rich foods that are good for you. Adopting a balanced diet is undoubtedly the key to losing belly weight.

Listen to your hunger: eat when you feel hungry, stop when you feel full. Your body has amazing regulatory power! It sends you loads of signals about your hunger and satiety. Learn to listen to him, trust it.

Eat slowly: by taking the time to enjoy your meals, you will realize how tasty they are and you will know how to stop in time, satisfied!

Avoid emotional snacking: if you’re feeling hungry, eat. On the other hand, if you throw yourself on food at the slightest annoyance without respecting your limits, you risk eating beyond your hunger and therefore, putting on weight.

Choose foods that are good for you: excess fat and sugar, you know, will make you gain weight. Instead, turn to quality food that will provide you with energy, pleasure, and health benefits.

To summarize: eat the foods you like and which make you feel good, no need to fall into a too-strict diet but control your consumption of slow sugars. Indulge yourself visually and tastefully, take care of yourself. You will avoid weight gain, bloating, and intestinal discomfort. Little by little, you will see your belly disappear and your figure slimmer.


The shapewear is used to harmonize your silhouette, sublimate your curves while hiding the small bulges on your belly and the curves grafted on your hips. More and more women wear them because their effect is immediate: you instantly appear slimmer when you put them on. That said, by combining the wearing of a slim shapewear and sports training sessions, you will increase your chances of losing weight and losing weight permanently.


Each morphology is different. Before getting your women’s girdle for a flat stomach, you need to make sure that it fits perfectly or you may not get satisfactory results. A sheath that is too large will not support you enough while a sheath that is too small will hurt you. Some models, thanks to their hook system, allow you to adapt the size of your sheath as you lose weight and choose the support strength you want.

In order to reshape your body, the slimming underwear offered by our store Sculptshe, are perfect because they allow optimal compression and extreme sweating. For optimal and definitive results, you will need to be patient and wear your seat belt 3 to 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. In order to adapt and better support this new slimming underwear, start by keeping them on you for 30 minutes a day, then 1 hour, gradually. Over time, your sculpting lingerie will bring you comfort and self-confidence. It will quickly become essential in your wardrobe.

For a toned and revitalized body, a healthy body, steely morale, and a dream figure, you will have to bet on a diet adapted to your needs as well as on healthy eating habits such as good hydration. Do not hesitate to strengthen the powers of your wonderful organism with probiotics and practice a physical activity that you enjoy. Finally, opt without complex for the waist and thigh trainer to regain self-confidence and increase the benefits of your sports exercises.

Thanks to these little tips, you now hold all the keys to success. To put them into practice effectively, there is no secret: reconnect with yourself, listen to yourself, give yourself time, trust yourself, take care of yourself.