Self care was one of the most researched topics in a pandemic season. The search for deeper hair care, losing weight and having healthy looking skin has helped many people to be able to have control over something and stay healthy in moments of uncertainty.

The skin on our face needs completely different care than the skin on the rest of our body. Our skin has layers and that of the face is the thinnest, reaching about 0.1 mm and about 0.05 mm in the eye region. As you age, this region becomes more sensitive.

Taking care of the skin has never been as accessible as it is now, as we have access to a lot of information and we easily find people sharing their routines so that we can compare and create our own. Next, you will see topics that will help you take care of your skin at home.

Basic level

For those who want to start skin care and don’t know where to start or what to buy, the tip is: start with the basics. Simple day-to-day practices can help your skin and they will help your body as well.

Drink water regularly

Water is the source of life and the basis for the proper functioning of the body. The recommendation is that you drink 2 liters of water a day, but you can make a personalized calculation based on weight, which would be the person’s weight multiplied by 35, the total is the amount of ml to be drunk in the day. To help control the amount ingested per day, there are several applications that notify the right time to drink and make a daily report.

Have a healthy sleep routine

Having a healthy sleep routine helps the body balance. So get at least 8 hours of sleep a day and cut down on screen time at night.

Exercise and Eat a Balanced Diet

Keeping active will release your hormones and bring you a feeling of well-being, pleasure and happiness, when combined with a balanced diet, you will balance your body’s vitamins. It is important to remember that our health comes from the inside out.

Intermediate level

Starting with daily care, it is essential to create an effective routine that meets the needs of your skin. First of all, you need to consult a dermatologist and do all the tests to see which vitamins are missing, find out your skin type and identify the problems that bother you such as acne, blemishes, texture or the action of time.

After that, you will select the products according to your skin type. At first, it is more interesting to create a simple routine just doing the hygiene, hydration and protection steps. You choose what you will use to clean, whether it’s bar soap, liquid, cleaning gel, after that, choose a moisturizer and sunscreen. You should make use of it in order every morning and also create a nightly routine.

In the night routine you will do the same steps as in the day, except that you will change the sun protection for a night action cream. If you go to a doctor, he will indicate creating your routine and indicate the products, if you are going to do it on your own, research all the products you want to use and gradually implement it in the routine.

By setting your routine, you will add skin toning and exfoliation every 15 days so as not to sensitize the skin.

Advanced level

After following your routine for a while, look for a doctor to create a specific routine for solving things that bother you like blemishes or pimples. Usually, the treatment for these issues is using products with acid in the composition and that requires extra attention.

Never use acid on your own, as you do not know if you have any allergies or if you are not going to take the necessary precautions, such as using sun protection regularly and avoiding exposure to certain lights.

Speaking of acids, the most used currently are Retinol which stimulates collagen production and acts as an anti-aging agent, Glycolic which improves skin texture and helps with superficial blemishes and fine lines, Hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skin and improves fine lines and firmness of the skin, the Malic that has an exfoliating function that promotes cell regeneration and gives luminosity to the skin, among others.

The use of acid is not suitable for pregnant women and some cannot be used on black skin, so always look for a specialist.

Quick actions at home to help your skin

Not only products and procedures live our skin, the more natural your routine, the better. Therefore, avoid washing your face with hot or lukewarm water, always give preference to cold water and also don’t wash your face in excess, otherwise your skin may produce more oil than normal.

Whenever you are in the skin hydration step, take the opportunity to do a facial massage. Always do it with outward movements, for example: pulling from the cheeks to the ears, from the eyebrows to the hairline.

Don’t pick pimples or blackheads, if done the wrong way, it can end up inflaming and getting more complicated to care for and even leaving marks.

Also avoid passing your hand on your face, sleeping with makeup on and always pass the products of your routine from the lightest to the heaviest.

Skin care is a gift from you from the present to your version of the future. And if you show that you care about who you will be and how you will be in a few years, so it’s never too early to take care of yourself.