Bad Gal RiRi is one of the most iconic pop stars and not just in Hollywood but around the world. Her music, her quick wit and her charming personality are not the only reason why people love and adore her – It also has to do with her style.

If we had to describe Rihanna’s style in three words, the top of the list would be confident, comfortable and bold – however these words don’t even fully capture what the queen of Hollywood fully is.

She is confident and comfortable in her own skin, which she fully captures with her style. So, before we dive in, the number one key always is confidence in your styling choices.

So here is our feeble attempt to get you as close to goddess Rihanna’s style as we can!

Enjoy the wild ride.

The Comfort

Jeans that have rips in them have been in style or been trendy for a while now, however now that we have seen Rihanna’s approval upon them, we feel much happier about including them in this list.

Ripped jeans are fashionable and comfortable and may be this is why, Rihanna has been seen sporting it quite a lot pairing with graphic tees, crop top, over-sized coats, boots and strappy sandals.

The whole look that she creates gives off a comfy vibe, which of course we are totally on board for.

So, whether you’re going clubbing, hanging out with friends or flying across the world, this can be your go-to look!

The Party

Most of Rihanna’s style often scream inspiration from the 90s and of course our favorite is the comeback of the satin slip dress.

If you have a formal event like a date night or a wedding to attend to, in true Rihanna fashion this may be the perfect choice. Whether you opt for a slip dress in green or in black, it is the perfect opportunity to pair it with some diamond studs, and a red lip!

Add some sandals or ankle boots to the mix and a good hairstyle, and you have it – the perfect recreation of a Rihanna outfit.

The Black

Like many of us, Rihanna’s go-to color is black. Whether it is daytime and running errands or night out in the town, black is just a chic favorite.

So, to recreate or truly fashion a Rihanna moment, all you will need is your blackest item in the closet, whether it is jeans and t-shirt or a nice short dress, pair it with chunky heels, add some bling and red lip and you are ready in truest Rihanna sense.

Throw an oversized coat and you’re all set for that party.

When it comes to Rihanna, looking at her style it isn’t hard to recreate many of her biggest fashion moments because the one thing that is apparent and present through all of them is her confidence to carry it all.

So, whether you pull a black outfit or make outclass strides with the satin slip dress, the key as we mentioned before is within yourself. And that is how you truly get Rihanna’s style!