I’m pretty sure that most of us tend to pay way more attention on how we take care of our clothing, following the care instructions they have but we don’t really do that when it comes to our underwear. In the end they are the ones that make us feel incredible and let’s face it they should deserve lot more care than the one we give them. If we actually take good care of them, they can last us a lot of years.

We will be giving you 5 ways and tips to take care of your underwear, that will help you keep them in great shape. It’s important that you remember that while they can last longer if you take care of them properly, they won’t last you a life time. It is healthy to replace them around every nine to 18 months, especially your most comfortable wireless bra. And of course, it is highly important that you store them properly in your drawers.  Lay them flat there and store your bras standing up in a row, having the cups inside of each other helping them keep their original shape.

Hand wash them

I think most of us are guilty of throwing our expensive bras and undies in our washing machine without much care in the world. But girls, we have been committing a crime against them. It is better if we take the time to gently hand wash them. This way will be prolonging their lifetime. If there’s any stains, use mild soap and lukewarm water and rub very gently. Please, also don’t wring your bra in a harsh way to remove the water excess, just fold it against a towel and then let it air dry.

underwear bags

Sometimes we might not have the time to do the process above mentioned and we have to use our washing machine. If we are going to do it, it is important that we use underwear bags. They will help protect our underwear from any kind of harm. Before putting in the underwear bag and throwing it into the washing machine, hook your bra, so they won’t tangle with other clothes and break them. It is important that you wash them with cold water.

This also applies for your underwear, like the best women thong. It is better to put them on a tower to let them dry, but if it is a must that you have to use the dryer, then use the lowest setting because the high heat can damage the elastic or any other material of your underwear.

Separate by color

Even if this might be common knowledge, we should be washing our same or like colored undergarments together, like we do with our normal clothes.

Wash them frequently

I mean, our hygiene is extremely important so, please, wash your underwear after every use. The story with bras is a bit different. You can’t wash them every day because they actually need time and breathing space to readjust. You can wash them every other week (if you have enough to do so), so they don’t lose their shape and end up looking worn out. It’s ok if the frequency of washing your bra increases during the summer, just remember about our other tips to make them last.

Detergent type

While we might not be paying much attention to it, the detergent we use might be end up being pretty harsh on our underwear, breaking their fibers quite quickly and tearing them apart. Please, pay attention to what kind of detergent you’re using, because in the long run, if you don’t do, your underwear won’t last you and you’ll end up spending a lot of money on getting new ones frequently.

We highly recommend you to use mild detergents. They won’t only make your underwear smell amazing, but will help it stay in great shape.