So you are planning for a beachside wedding and have chosen your beach wedding dress. The next step is to turn your attention to your hair. There will be questions like “should you wear your hair down or up? Can you do the hair yourself or do you need a hairstylist?” On the wedding day, the bride should look like the very best version of herself. Most importantly, the bride would want to feel comfortable and confident.

Beach wedding hairstyles are usually more relaxed compared to formal wedding hairstyles and they are often styles such as messy buns, beach waves, half-up ponytails, dutch braids and more. This does not mean that you do not have to plan for details. If you are someone who is not very familiar with the hairstyles, do read ahead for inspiration in choosing a hairstyle for a beach wedding.

How To Do My Hair For A Beach Wedding?

Your beach wedding hairstyle will depend on several things such as your preferred style – having your hair up or down, your wedding dress design and your hair type.

4 Beach Wedding Hairstyles For Seaside Nuptials

Are you ready for some gorgeous beach wedding hair inspiration? Check out these beach wedding hair ideas below.

Half-up ponytail 

You can choose to wear your hair in a half-up ponytail for a simple and playful beach wedding look. It is romantic, modern, and very pretty. This is a beautiful look that never goes out of style. You can add some floral buds to the ponytail and leave two pieces out in front to frame your face for a messy look.

Hair Down With Flower Crown

A beach wedding hairstyle staple, the flower crown is something you may want to consider. An all-white flower crown exudes a touch of greenery for a chic, boho beach wedding style.

Loose Waves Hair

If you want the sea breeze and salty air to blow your hair, you can achieve this look by letting your hair loose and with imperfect curls and waves. 

Updos Beach Wedding Hairstyle

Updos add an elegant touch to the wedding day look. This style will ensure that the hair doesn’t get in the way. A topknot is a trendy updo that is chic and practical. You can elevate the effortless, laid back style with small accessories like flowers, sparkling accessories or a headband.