If you had to have only one outfit in your closet which could work for formal meetings, a night at the beach, a date night, a Sunday brunch, and a wedding – what would you choose?

Well, if you thought of a maxi dress then the answer is correct. The versatile outfit is complete on its own and is capable of providing you with the best of looks for any and all occasions as we listed above.

Maxi dresses are not only versatile, but they also are chic and the epitome of elegance. They make you look much more poised and confident than you may think. So, without any further explanations as to why they are the best, the look book and our suggestions below on how to dress up a maxi dress in 2022 will speak for themselves!!

Adding Layers

As maxi dresses are long and sophisticated on their own, there is not much that they require for them to become fancy. However, if need be, there is always the option of layering.

Layers create a dimension of glamor that makes you reach high levels of the fashion game. This can be done by either adding a denim or leather jacket or other types of sweaters, considering the type of dress you are wearing, and the event look you want to achieve.

So, for example, for a day out on the beach a summery pastel maxi dress paired with a denim jacket would create the perfect laid-back vacation vibe.

Adding Bling

Adding in gold or silver necklaces and rings can do wonders for any of your outfits. This is also the case for maxi dresses.

Depending on the style and patterns of your maxi dress the bling can be added. So, for example, if you have opted for a floral dress the best thing would be to add some minor jewelry.

Complementing the floral pattern with a simple gold necklace or some small studs can help appreciate the outfit more.


Entering the Shoe World

With maxi dresses, it all comes down to the choice of shoes. Depending on the occasion shoes complete the outfit.

If you are going for elegance and Manhattan vibes, it is always wise to pair maxi dresses with high heels. Whether it is in the shape of boots or 6-inch classic stilettos, heels are always the number pairing.

If you’re looking for more comfort and sporty vibes, you can always opt for strappy sandals and sneakers. While the world debates on the sneaker issue, let us tell you they are complete for comfort and style!

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Wrapping Up

Maxi dresses as we have mentioned are the epitome of fashion. It is an outfit that requires the least amount of time for it to end up looking perfect.

Adding a bit of natural or some heavy makeup, a good bold touch on the lips and rouge on the cheeks, you will be ready to go!

Maxi dresses have been in style and will remain in style for many decades to come. So, when you invest in this timeless piece, know that it worth every penny