Factors such as solar radiation, pollution, cigarette smoke, temperature changes and makeup leave skin aged, dehydrated and dull, beauticians say. But luckily, it’s pretty simple and fun to protect yourself against all that. A good skin cleaning, combined with the right cosmetics, ensures the balance of oil and the necessary protection. I follow a nightly itinerary, which you can also repeat daily:

Step 1: Take off your makeup

Soap, as good as it is, is not enough. To remove all the remnants of your makeup, count on a good makeup remover or a facial tonic (it’s worth replacing with an astringent lotion if your skin is oily). Spread the product with a cotton pad, until it comes out without traces of powder, foundation, eyeshadow or blush.

Step 2: Apply a cleansing cream

These products have a deep action, helping to remove impurities such as makeup and excess oil. This is thanks to actives with astringent or moisturizing action, depending on your skin type. It is only necessary to carefully follow the guidelines on the label regarding the permanence of the product on the face. Otherwise, itching, scaling or red spots may appear.

Step 3: Wash your face

Don’t even think about using the soap you put on the rest of your body. Liquid or bar, it is more abrasive and tends to increase the oiliness of the skin (which, on the face, increases the chances of blackheads, pimples and sebaceous miliums). Ask your dermatologist for a soap recipe for your skin type, or use a gel cleanser.

Step 4: Exfoliate

Twice a week, apply a specific cream to remove dead cells. Some brands also have exfoliation masks. The choice just depends on your preference. This cleaning will leave your skin with much more shine and free from those black dots that, if not removed, tend to become blackheads. At the end of the exfoliation, wash your face well.

Step 5: Decongest the eye area

This tip is especially dedicated to those who suffer from tiredness dark circles. After the entire cleansing ritual, keep an iced chamomile tea bag over each eye. It only takes ten minutes to notice the progressive whitening of the region. In the most severe cases, a vitamin K-based cream also yields good results.

Step 6: Preserve delicate areas

If you tend to suffer from acne or blemishes, take advantage of the night to use products that fight the problem. The same goes for creams that prevent wrinkles and sagging (especially in the eye and neck area). Because of the ingredients, these formulas can only be used when there is no solar radiation (at the risk of staining the skin). Just don’t forget to wash your face well when you wake up and remove the product completely.

Step 7: Hydrate

A good moisturizer is essential to keep the skin glowing. Some formulas even contain nourishing ingredients, which help maintain the firmness of cells. Just be careful when choosing, which should be according to your skin type (normal, combination, oily or dry).

And when you wake up…

In the rush and in the morning stumbles, the best recipe is always the most practical. So, don’t complicate it: wash your face with a good facial soap; apply a toner or astringent lotion and apply your favorite sunscreen. Makeup? Only if you’re tired of explaining how to maintain your skin’s radiance and vitality and, to avoid further questions, prefer to disguise your natural beauty.