How many years did it take to create your style that suits you? Are you an office person or a person who likes comfortable home comfort, or is it someone who shows their difference in style at elegant events? Which and what situation can easily express your style? It’s very important to know these things because you will consider these situations when you create your minimalist wardrobe. So your first step is; is to define your style.

Combine your outfits in pairs to create your style category. For example;

*For your office style – Classic and elegant

*Weekend/Park – classic and comfort

*Dinner/events – trendy and fashionable

These are the very important building blocks of your new minimalist wardrobe.

The second step is to take all your clothes off your wardrobe and empty them where you can see them. You can divide your clothes into five groups: Top, bottom, outwear, shoes, and finally bag and accessories.

And most importantly, reduce it instead of a pile of clothes. Donate clothes you haven’t worn for months or years that don’t make you happy. If you have clothes that you’re not sure if you’re going to wear, keep them for a six-month period. If you don’t want them either, donate them.

And the third step is to find your favorite clothes that you really love. Classify the rest of your clothes as you did in the first step. Print with the most important group to select your favorite track and build your minimalist wardrobe around it. Don’t limit yourself.

I’ll share some examples for you;

The dark fabric pants must be in your wardrobe. A dark fabric pant and shirt style can be a routine to create your office style, but you can manage your style. With a belt detail, you look thinner on your waist, and a color shirt that matches a pair of pants is already ready for your fall look.

Step 4: Divide and succeed

Start with your favorite piece and get your first group in 6 minimalist wardrobes.

*an outer piece

*3 tops

*2 bottoms

The hard part is that all the pieces (including your favorite part) must be well-combined with each other. If you can do this well, there will be 12 combin created from the group that you created 6 pieces.

Make sure that the pieces do not only match their internal fit, but also match the other groups. The more matches you can make between the groups, the wider your choices. For example, if you can match all the pieces between 3 groups, you can create 216 combin from 18 parts!

Jeans are the savior of minimalist wardrobes. While you create a different atmosphere when you combine it with a t-shirt, you are ready for a weekend event with a shirt and sneakers.

For your summer style, you’ll be able to create a comfortable and enjoyable look with short jean shorts, printed shirts and more.

And your black-night dress will be a key part of your minimalist wardrobe. You can wear this dress to your night event and then make it suitable for your daily use with your white sneakers.

Step 5 ; Fill in the blanks

Look at the items that are not yet in place – clothes, scarves, hats, bags, shoes – and choose the ones that complement your minimalist wardrobe. Try them together and choose the best-looking ones. Do you see any gaps? Make a list and go shopping. Remember to consider sustainability and quality. Check out slow fashion brands and used stores.