Wide-leg pants, the newest spring fashion, have replaced skinny jeans as the go-to choice. Wide-legged trousers, which immediately spring to mind when we think of the ’70s, hippies, and beachy style, have been making a resurgence in recent seasons for every day, an evening out, and even workplace design. Despite this, it might be nerve-wracking to wear pants with more fabric and size. Besides, who wants to make their legs seem wider? Wide-leg pants, on the other hand, extend legs and emphasize the waist, providing a flattering look for every body type.

About Wide Leg Pants

When it comes to the workplace, wide-leg trousers are an excellent choice. They’re more comfortable than slim pants and allow for a wider range of outfits. Although wide-leg trousers may appear scary at first, they are flattering on women of all shapes and sizes.

When it comes to wearing wide-leg trousers, it’s all about understanding your body shape and what to wear with it. The broader the trousers, the more you’ll want to slim down your upper body to match. Simply tucking in your top or wearing a tighter sort of clothing may do this. Everything is solved with a simple front tuck.

Here, we’ll share our best advice with you, as well as a few chic selections for your closet. These wide-leg pants will have you ready to take on the new season with style!

How to Style Wide Leg Pants?

Invest in a Pair of Neutral Hue

The wide-leg pant trend might be a little scary. If you’re looking for a more subtle look, go for brown, black, or chocolate pants with a little narrower leg. Trying out this new trend with this choice is a wonderful idea!

Try Wide-Leg Jeans

Cole Jeans: ORGANIC DENIM - Mid Wash Blue

For us, wide-leg jeans are a wardrobe staple. Besides being comfy, they are also stylish. The dark-wash pair is perfect for the office, while the light-wash pair is fantastic for summer parties.

Keep your Top Tucked In

When wearing wide-leg trousers, you must tuck in your top or find a technique to emphasize your waist. Keeping everything in proportion is the key. A tucked-in shirt, no matter how loose or tight it is, will give you a slimming shape without overdramatizing you. Both of these pairs include a tie-front element that emphasizes your waist and makes a tucked-in shirt look amazing.

Think of Wearing all the Same Hue


A monochrome theme is a simple approach to making wide-leg trousers seem professional and attractive. When it comes to a monochrome ensemble, nothing beats black, so we opted for a drapey shirt, slouchy jeans, and strappy black shoes that are just in style!


Returning to work means it’s time to freshen up your work attire, therefore now is the time to do it. pants have had an enormous impact on my wardrobe. The 18 months since I last wore “work pants” have been an eye-opening experience for me. The key ones are my outfits that showcase my body type and the way I wear my pants. Today, I’m showing you how to wear wide-leg jeans in a variety of ways. Make sure your proportions are correct to get the ideal look.