Have you wondered recently what will be the top most popular costumes for Halloween 2022? We are here to answer your question which will help you to choose the trendiest costume.

 In 2021 it was much easier to tell what people will dress up the most after the South Korean hit TV show “Squid Game” broke all records in September. Just in time for the beginning of the spooky season. This way, the most popular costume choice was squid game players and a doll-killer from those TV Series.

The end of August – the start of September is the time when most lovers of the scariest holiday of the year start preparing. It’s not too early if you want to get the best things and look great, not like it’s the last-minute costume you found in the Halloween Spirit store just before running to the Halloween party you were invited to. If you want to be a real star of the party or prefer to celebrate in more introverted ways but still like to dress up for your social media and just to celebrate with your close ones (our favorite way to celebrate Halloween). Here are predictions for the top 5 of the most worn Halloween costumes in 2022:

5. Black Widow. Marvel superhero costumes were always one of the most popular. Especially if during a year Marvel released a new movie. If this happens, a superhero from that movie turns into an extremely popular costume.

But you should be careful with such costume choices, as superhero clothes in movies are super expensive as well and any cheaper versions look not good most of the time. We recommend choosing simpler outfits like this total black one. You can buy it even for an affordable price while it will be looking awesome.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

4. “Stranger Things” characters’ outfits. In August everyone was talking about Stranger things. Kids (now 20-year-old young adults after taking a few years’ breaks from filming due to Corona) and their 80’s outfits from this record-breaking Netflix show were chosen as Halloween party clothing by many. But the new season brought new important characters that became mega-famous just after one episode of them being in the show.  The main monsters of the season are Vecna and rocker – High school student Eddie Munson. While if you would like to try the first option more, then it will take a lot of time and skills. Have you ever seen a viral video of how the actor turns into Vecna? That’s crazy! Very hard process of makeup that takes hours, so we suggest this option is not for everyone. On the other side you can easily create a look of Eddie Munson with already what you have in your closet. The only thing you need to buy Is the trendy red bull shirt and mix it with a black leather jacket and jeans. And of course, you should make his 80’s rock’n’roll hairstyle.

3. Promising young woman. Hit movie has a main character with an amazing look that is perfect for a Halloween dress-up. You can easily find medical dress costume in store that sells clothes for holidays or on Amazon. Also, you need a colorful wig you can buy online too.  That’s an easy but brilliant idea for a party this year. Also, it’s one of the most budget-friendly looks that still look very actual and cool for 2022.


2. “Wandavision” red look. Every Marvel is watched by many millions of people and becomes easily mega-hit. For this time they surprised us with the series “Wandavision”. It became instantly a viral show while the outfit of the main character became iconic. We love her red looks. Must be the easiest one on this list and you literally can create from red clothes you already have and DIY the red headband.

1. Bridgerton vintage dress. Probably the most talked about the show. Got even more viewed on all streaming services after the second season premiere. Beautiful aesthetics is playing a big role in its popularity of it. Buildings, nature, and costumes are one of the best in movie history. Also, it’s pretty easy to look up clothes as it is from “Bridgerton”. Just Google for “19th century inspired dress” and you can see there are both cheap and expensive variations of outfits that will be just perfect for a “Bridgerton” inspired outfit.