If you’re looking for a long-lasting piece that keeps up with fashion over the years, and still brings a unique charm to your look, invest in a good leather jacket.

The item, popularized between the 1950s and 1960s, continues to be part of our clothing as a wardrobe staple, almost indispensable during the harshest winters. Many brands also started making jackets with ecological materials, ensuring a more conscious consumption, without losing durability.

According to Consultores de Moda, the versatility of the leather jacket is a positive point that makes it possible to compose different proposals: “the piece, when combined with silk, viscose, adds a more sensual air to the look, while destroyed pants, rotten t-shirt and irreverent shoes offer a more urban and laid-back look”. To include this timeless piece in your style, there’s not much of a secret, just check out the different suggested proposals below.

Black leather jacket

Short Leather Jacket, Cropped Leather Jacket, Leather Jacket

The black leather jacket is the most versatile option of all, as the sobriety of the color guarantees greater freedom when combined with more vibrant tones and prints. “You can create a modern and feminine counterpoint with more impactful pieces or accessories, such as yellow and pink. And if the idea is to be daring, red pants are the way to go to create a powerful look”, suggests the fashion consultant.

Brown leather jacket

Dazy-Less Drop Shoulder Slant Pockets PU Jacket

As it is a closed color, brown (as well as black) can be used to create certain structures in the look: “A brown jacket without shoulder pads and without many details (such as zippers and pockets) can disguise broad shoulders, while cinched models, with spikes and buckles on the sides, it can give the desired volume to the thinnest ones”.

Red leather jacket

Cropped Leather Jacket, Leather Biker Jacket, Cropped Jacket, Leather Cropped Jacket

Do not think that the red jacket is a piece that should only be worn by those who are not afraid to dare – it can be an element of personality, but very elegant and even discreet. Tip: “For a more modest and classic style, you can wear your red jacket with shades of brown, navy or graphite. For a more elegant and feminine proposal, adopt tone on tone, with lighter and darker variations”.

Leather jacket with dress

The same jacket combined with different types of dresses can create numerous looks proposals, and for that the suggestions are very simple: “For a very feminine style, bet on midi lengths and fluid modeling. A casual look can have a shorter model of a dress with ankle boots, or even a long knitted one with ankle boots if the day is cooler. You can even compose something more rock’s roll with tights and boots, or even just with ankle boots, which came back with everything”.

Leather jacket with skirt


The combination of the leather jacket and skirt goes through several aspects, just choose the texture and cut you prefer to have a very stylish and personal result. “You can guarantee a cooler or more fashionable look by coordinating the highlight piece with skirts made of a looser fabric or made of the same material (leather). A more sporty look calls for something more casual, like a miniskirt and shirt”, guarantees the professional.

After checking the most diverse possibilities of inserting this timeless piece into your style, it is important that you write down one last tip: “When buying your leather jacket, look for a piece that has a lining that gives you more mobility and retains your body temperature. Keep an eye out if the fabric inside has elastane, cotton or materials with a natural weave, responsible for offering you more comfort.” More fashion tips, please visit https://www.bnsds.com/2021/02/26/6-types-of-blazers-that-you-should-know/