Are you looking for a luxury brand bag for investment? Or maybe you want to treat yourself as the queen you really are, so you decided to buy for yourself something you deserve of. Or you are looking for a good gift for your loved ones for their birthday or you are on an early Christmas present hunt? We are totally on your side. Better to find the best gifts early than just good presents late!

But no matter what your purpose of buying a brand bag is, you are on the right page on the Internet, as Saint Laurent is one of the most reliable high-end brands. Although bags are not the main focus of the house of Saint Laurent, they are made worse than other products they create. To be honest, it’s hard to call them products, probably, a form of art is a better name for what this brand is making. And when it comes to bags, the main focuses of creators while designing and producing are longevity, high-quality materials, timeless fashion and simplicity in design with trendy details.

Because of these things we can call Saint Laurent the best brand for investing in bags, as buying them, you can be sure that you can easily and successfully resell it and get not only your money back, but you can actually earn a good amount of money on it. What a simple and fun way for passive income!?

But be careful, after looking at these some of the best bags of them, it would be hard to say goodbye to them when it will be time to resell it. We mean if you’ll get one of these ones we picked for you, you will totally want to take it. They all extremely cute, pretty and elegant. Each one is unique in its own way. How it could be different when it comes to such a good brand as Saint Laurent?

So here are the bags we recommend you to check:

  1. Kate’s chain wallet.

Although it’s called a wallet, we would describe it as a clutch or small delicate bag, but you clearly can use it as a wallet, if you want.

It might be one of the most popular models of Saint Laurent bags the recent years. We totally understand the reason, as you can wear this bag for so many types of events and life situations. Like you can hide the chain and wear as an elegant clutch as a good option for parties and special occasions. While you still can wear it for your casual walks and meetings with friends. This bag has enough place for your phone, key, money, lipstick or whatever you else need to take with yourself.

  • Sac de Jour small green leather top handle bag.

This bag is good for, at least, two reasons. It has a timeless design that you can work for many decades. And another reason this certain dark earthy green color is one of three the trendiest colors right now. When you’ll get this bag, you can be sure you always have a trendy bag for many, many years, it will never look too old-fashioned.

  • Nicki medium quilted nubuck & shearling bag.

That’s a perfect bags for late autumn and, especially, winter. It’s literally a dream of any girl, as it’s made of pastel colors and shearling detailing.  And it is very roomy, you can fit anything you need for your snowy walk.

Niki medium quilted nubuck and shearling shoulder bag
  • Kaia small shearling shoulder bag.

Saint Laurent has some Kaia bags, but one of them is very different. It’s small shearling bag with a handy card pocket in it. Again, perfect for winter cold days. We don’t know how not to be in love with this bag. It’s one of the newest and trendiest bags for winter in this list.

Saint Laurent
  • Mini Le 5 à 7 black patent leather shoulder bag.

90’s style bag is coming back and we already could see it on shoulders of every fashionista this summer, so this bag showed everyone that it will be coming back every like 20 years, but now it is with for at least couple more years.

  • Manhattan leather shoulder bag.

If you fan of classic and not a fan of showing off logos on your clothes and accessories than this one is made for you.

SAINT LAURENT Manhattan leather shoulder bag