You’re never going to break out of the circle of boring fashion if you keep alternating between different black outfits or dull colors. Don’t get me wrong, black is absolutely stunning but these days fashion is really daring and has gone beyond rocking all-black outfits.

Adding color to your outfit can take it from a zero to a hundred and that’s what the coming years are going to be all about and we don’t want anyone left out. We’ve seen color trends from the previous years and even recently and they were absolutely stunning. Here’s a little guide on how to incorporate some of these trends in your wardrobe and add some or a LOT of amazing colors to your outfits.

Below you’ll find from bright oranges to dull browns that will have people stealing glances at you!

How to Incorporate the Latest Color Trends into your Wardrobe

1. Buttermilk yellow

Dopamine Dressing High Waist Wide Leg Pants

Your wide-legged pants don’t have to be black or in a jean blue color all the time. Add some twists and color to your wardrobe/outfit with buttermilk yellow. You can be even more daring and pair your yellow pants with a matching buttermilk yellow blazer.

Another way to incorporate this color into your wardrobe or outfit is by getting a mini leather skirt in the same color. Matching this skirt with a black knee-length boot will definitely make you turn heads when you step out.

2. Lime green

We’ve seen a lot of lime greens in many outfits recently and we must say we are impressed. A way you can incorporate it in your wardrobe is as seen in the picture above. Let’s not forget that adding colors goes beyond your clothes. Another way you can add this color to your outfit is with your shoes. A stiletto heel in lime green doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all!

And for those who love to be daring with the statements they make, lime green blazers on pink pants is the way to go!

3. Hot orange

As the name implies, you just know whatever outfit you will be incorporating this color into has to be hot! And what comes to mind immediately is a slip dress. You can never go wrong in slip dresses. And in hot orange? It’s going to be like a runway moment for you.

4. Fuschia pink

Thinking of the many ways you can incorporate Fuschia pink into your outfit, Fuschia pink ear loops seem irresistible. It looks like it is capable of completely transforming an ordinary look into a classy one. For a burst of colors, pair these earrings with a lime green blazer.

5. Autumn Brown

Brown has always been a favorite color of mine especially because of the way it tends to sit very pretty on the skin. If you’re not a very big fan of bright colors, brown is a not-very-bright color that will still make a fashionable statement in your outfit. Be it a brown purse, heels or leather pants, you’re always good to go.