Skincare used to be a simple routine of washing your face with water and soap, then patting your face dry with microfiber towel. Nowadays, starting a skincare regimen can be a tricky thing. With many products to use, beauty tips to follow, face massages to do, and trendy skincare advice to try, we can be so overwhelmed with the idea of having clear and flawless skin immediately.

Before you go crazy over expensive skincare products, treatments and procedures, read the tips below that will help you get started right away:

What You Eat is What Your Skin will Become

Start right with what you eat. What you eat can have a huge impact on how your skin will be so eating foods that are beneficial for your skin and hair will do wonders for you.

Foods like tomatoes, carrots, beans, nuts, and spinach are all skin-friendly foods that are rich in a variety of nutrients. Just like tomatoes which are rich in Vitamin C that helps improve the immune system, and give you a brighter glow.


Sugar Bombs Grape Tomatoes

Sleep is Often Your Best Defense

Have you ever woken up from a complete and deep sleep, and you just feel so invigorated? That`s because your body including your skin, hair, face, and nail healed during the time you were sleeping.

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You may see so many Youtube beauty gurus, Facebook skincare experts and Tiktok hacks for beautiful skin. Their tips may be helpful but there`s nothing better than a personalized skincare routine that would work well with your lifestyle and skin.

Before trying any product, always do a skin testing first to ensure you aren`t allergic to any of its ingredients. Getting bad results on a small part of your skin is better than having to suffer with your whole face.

If you have sensitive skin, opt to go natural or organic, and skincare products specifically made for your skin type.

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Ice Therapy

• Reducing swelling and inflammation

• Minimizes Pores

• Eliminate puffiness

• Improve blood circulation

• Soothe sunburn

• Make the skin glow

This is best done during the morning after you wake up to reduce the face`s puffiness, and help with improving under eye circles.

Doing this is also refreshing, and can help decrease the appearance of big pores. This invigorating process can make your face look brighter, clearer and more glowing.

1 Pair of Ice Globes

Beauty Supplements are Not Only Trendy but Effective As Well

Complete your skincare regimen by getting the extra help through beauty supplements that will aid with achieving a healthy glow.

Marine collagen, for example is an amazing supplement that gives the skin these benefits:

• Antioxidant protection

• Helps with fine lines and wrinkles

• Reduces inflammation

• Sleep-enhancing through Glycine

• Helps heal skin wounds

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Taking care of your skin starts from within. By eating nutritious foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C, Beta Carotene, vitamin A, and Zinc can have positive impact on your skin both short-term and long-term.

Of course, there are many factors to achieve your dream skin such as your lifestyle, and your environment. However, making the most of what you have is a good start. You will thank yourself many years later if you take good care of yourself now.

Simple treatments like icing, face massages, eating healthy foods, taking Collagen supplements, and getting enough sleep are basic but highly effective beauty tips.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels