Trust me when I say that inflation is real, and it has robbed me of my ability to sit in the salon every month and get a manicure! Now, this princess treatment has turned into a trade-off with my monthly grocery bills, and obviously, I would prefer to keep my tummy full over having saloon-prepared, sparkling nails!

So, what is the solution? You want your nails to be on fleek at all times and invest in your confidence, yet the increasing salon prices make you take a back seat? Well, you can simply keep your happiness at your fingertips by opting for some DIY methods.

Performing a successful manicure at home is relatively easy! It’s possible, provided you have the time and tools to do that. What you can do is invest in the handful of manicure tools required to make your hands pretty enough to add confidence to your handshakes.

Client at manicure appointment holding hand in bowl

Here are some tips you need to consider for a successful manicure at home:

As soon as the salon manicure starts appearing like a luxury spa day for your wallet, switch to cleaning your hands at home. It would save you a lot of money! Start with getting your hands on all the necessary tools and equipment for the manicure. Make sure they are placed close to you so you won’t have to step up after every five minutes to fetch something.

Choose the shape you want your nails to look like. Start filling them and make sure they are in perfect symmetry. Don’t worry if you fail in the first few steps. Practice will make you perfect!

Dodge the cuticle for now. It will take you some time to get there. Managing the cuticle might be tough initially as a novice in manicuring your own hand.

Act like a ninja and paint your pretty nails. Avoid the margins so the nail colour doesn’t spread around the nails and make your fingers look messy.

Want some more drama? Be a Picasso and add some nail stickers on the top of the paint as soon as it dries!

Woman showing her nail art on fingernails with varnish

These are the tools you would need for a successful manicure at home:

Some nail clippers would help you avoid a messy situation where all the nail paint messes over the fingers.

If you plan to work on the cuticles, you need a cuticle pusher.

An Emery board would help you shape your nails effortlessly. If you have brittle nails, this will be your ultimate saviour.

Get a good collection of nail paints because who wants to flaunt the same colour daily?

A quick dry top coat polish will not only give a glamorous shine to the nails but will also add a touch of professionalism to the results.

Composition of nail care products

Final Thoughts

A DIY manicure session at home is a great idea that helps you save a lot of money. With time, you would turn into a nail Picasso, and each nail would be your canvas. Also, it would help you have super clean and tidy nails at all times!

Still life of tools for nail art