Whatever your outfit is, either casual or formal, a necklace is the perfect way to complete the look! However, the constant need to fix this pendant’s position over and over again is just irritating. Whether you have a heavily layered bunch or a simple one-charm chain, it is necessary to keep your chain from moving. In this article, we’ve collected the top 10 ways to keep your jewelry in place!

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Best Ways To Secure Your Necklace in Place:

  1. Clear Nail Polish: Apply a fairly thick coat of clear nail polish on the back of the first chain on your layered necklace. This adds a bit of friction, making it hard for the chains to tangle up as they won’t be able to wrap around each other.
  2. Appropriate Lengths: Make sure to choose layered chains based on their lengths. If they all are the same length, it can cause them to move and get tangled. Different lengths cause them to stay in their place
  3. Double-Sided Tape: Cut a small piece of double-sided tape to the back of your necklace and your neck. This helps the chain to grasp onto your skin and not move
  4. Hairspray: Spray some hairspray on your neck before wearing the jewelry. The hardness caused by the hairspray will cause it to act like glue and make the necklace stick to the neck
  5. Rubberband Hack: Wrap a rubberband on the back of the chain and loop it around the chain, making a knot. This will make the necklace tighter on your neck, making it secure.
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  • Adjustable Chains: Use an adjustable extender chain to change the fit. It will allow you to change it to your preference and will make sure the necklace is safe around your neck
  • Layer Carefully: For your bottom chain, make sure your heaviest charm is on it. This will cause the chain to fall, making it not get tangled. Layering chains with different textures can also help the necklaces to stay on your neck.
  • Magnetic Clasps: Instead of the normal clasps, start using magnetic clasps. That will make sure that when you’re wearing your necklace, it will not accidentally unclasp.
  • Avoid Oily Products: Stop using oily products around your neck and apply them in places away from the neck as they cause your necklace to slip and cause it to get tangled.
  • Making Knots: Add tiny knots between beads or charms on your chain to make sure your charms or beads don’t fall out of place.
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Most necklaces have zero grasp or grip in the chain, so keeping track of your necklace is important. However, after using these 10 smart hacks, you’ll never have to worry about your jewelry falling out of place. Our goal was to make sure your life has become easier after reading this and you are no longer facing difficulties wearing your necklace. Hopefully, we’ve achieved our goal and you enjoyed this article!

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