Jowls is an important development that an individual faces which can be a problem for many. Those sagging skin folds near the jawline are called jowls. Aging is a natural process but this process can be prevented by taking few steps. You can minimize the appearance of jowls with few simple techniques backed by dermatologist expert advice. Go firm and youthful with these easy steps.

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Maintain a Healthy Weight

Weight gaining is sometimes directly proportional to jowls creation. Excess fat deposits around the face and neck sags the skin. Hence, keeping your weight in a narrow range is crucial if you wish to steer clear from jowls through proper exercise.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is the solution to almost all skincare issues. So is it with jowls. Drinking adequate amount of water every day helps make skin elastic and prevent sagging. Drinking water at least eight glasses a day is the key to jowl free skin.

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Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage

Sun’s harmful UV rays contribute to skin aging majorly and also breakdowns collagen and enhances elasticity. The skin firmness can be back when applied high SPF daily and wear protective clothing while exposed to outdoors.

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Adopt a Skincare Routine

Having a proper skincare routine is crucial for your skin. Make yourself look youthful by sticking to healthy products that contain ingredients such as retinoids, vitamin C and peptides into your skincare routine. The right ingredients will stimulate collagen production and make skin firm.

Facial Exercises

Tone your muscles around your jawline and say goodbye to sagging by facial exercises. Like every other body part, your face also requires exercise. Exercises like chin lifts, jaw clenches and neck stretch tighten the skin and relieves you from jowls.

Quit Smoking

Smoking has its hazards for overall health. It also contributes to accelerate the aging process of your skin. The tobacco filled with chemicals breaks down collagen and robs the skin off from its elasticity.

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Thus, you have a premature sagged and wrinkle full skin. Quitting smoking plays avital role in jowls formation and your overall skin look.

Consider Non-Invasive Treatments

If you notice jowls early signs on your skin, you can treat them at an early stage using non-invasive treatments. These treatments tighten and lifts the skin. Radiofrequency, ultrasound therapy and laser treatments help collagen production by improving skin elasticity and getting a youthful skin.


Sleep is essential for good skin health and overall well-being. Getting plenty of sleep during helps repair and regenerate your cells in the skin.

A good sleep for 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night makes your skin rejuvenate and keeps the jowls at the bay.

Manage Stress

Stress is also a major factor that can enhance jowl production in your skin. Taking too much stress can lead to premature aging and sagging. Practice yoga, meditation or deep breathing exercises to keep your skin and body in optimal condition.  

Consult with a Dermatologist

Getting professional advice dermatologist by scheduling a meeting. They will check and assess your skin and confront your concerns with their highly recommended skincare products.