Dark circles are a pain for many people and a major dinge on your skincare. They could be early aging, hard luck genetics, poor sleep or some other never-ending problem. Retinol is an emerging skincare product that has made its place to expert’s vanity. The amazing formula is good for a lot of skincare concerns at a time. One prominent puzzle that retinol solves is retinol. The question is retinol really worth the hype it has received.

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The anti-aging property is its star concern which it addresses to. Rich in vitamin A, collagen producer and cell turnover promoter, is what makes retinol great for skin texture. It works great on fine lines, wrinkles and skin toning. But when it comes to dark circles, the relationship between retinol and improvement is a bit more nuanced.

Why are dark circles caused?

Dark circles are caused my multiple reasons, but one of the reasons is thinning of the skin and loss of collagen around the eyes. Medically speaking, the blood vessels under the skin become more prominent, making the skin look darker. Retinol’s ability to stimulate collagen makes the skin thicker and lowers the appearance of dark circles.

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Exfoliation is a good habit for your skin which removes dead skin cells and makes skin smooth and tones the skin. Retinol is also a good exfoliator which makes the appearance of dark circles less prominent.

The importance of Retinol

Retinol is a good option for minimizing dark circles but it may not be a one-size-fits-all solution. A lot of other factors contribute to the appearance of dark circles which include genetics, allergies, or lifestyle changes to which retinol cannot tend to. Treating one of these underlying problems and allergies can help solve the problem too.

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Retinol is amazing but it can cause irritation too, especially around the eyes. Steer clear of irritation by using something with a mild formula as compared to retinol. You can also start with dilute retinol and increase the concentration with time as per your skin’s reaction.

You can also use retinol with a combination for your desired results. Try combining it with vitamin C, peptides, caffeine and niacinamide to brighten your dark circles. Other good combination can reduce inflammation and improves circulation.

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However, like we said before no formula, fits all. So do your research according to your skin type and suitability. Remember a pro-tip: nothing is achieved without determination and consistency, so stay put and keep up the hard work! It could take from days, to weeks to months to different people and that is okay. You can improve your diet, lifestyle and routine too for best results while using retinol.

Use the product as advised by your dermatologist. Do not over dose your skin, because the strong formula can damage the skin when poured in excess.