Aurora nails are one of the most popular trends these days due to its bright colours and holographic effect. These types of looks were very famous in the 2010’s with holographic shoes and hair, so reviving this style in the form of nail art is a nostalgic feeling for all those who forgot about this old trend. In this article, we will be discussing why getting aurora nails is a great option!

Woman showing her nail art on fingernails with glass

Why You Should Get Aurora Nails

Beautiful Effects

Aurora nails have this holographic and shiny effect, that glows no matter where you are, attracting people. These effects are mesmerising and make people look in awe because of its beauty. Since these nails seem so unordinary and unusual, they stick out from normal basic nails, and make a bold appearance.

Side view adult holding croissant


There is a huge range of colours and textures you can choose from and you can also add whatever types of accessories you want, making the nails fully reflect to you. There are of course pre-made designs, however you can choose whatever effect you want, if it be metallic or pastel. This ability to customise helps us create nails that match our aesthetic and colour palette.

Close up beautiful manicure and green background


Even if these qualities weren’t enough to convince you, you must be convinced to get aurora nails when you hear that celebrities from all over the world like Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Rihanna, Lizzo and Kylie Jenner have all been promoting their aurora nails on social media and on events and red carpets. Ever since these celebrities have come with aurora nails, a large number of people have been attracted to these nails and desperately wanted them.


It sounds like nonsense, but aurora nails have also been found to increase your confidence. This is because these nails represent us by showing our creativity and personality, and when people compliment designs that we created using our ideas, it makes us feel more courage and happiness with ourselves. Aurora nails also tend to attract a lot of people due to its shine, making us feel very noticed and known, which soon increases our confidence.

Close up beautiful manicure and blue background


Aurora nails are probably one of the few nails that are extremely strong as most ordinary nails usually chip off or break. Unlike these nails, since aurora nails have an extra coating for their shine and gloss, they also have extra protection, making them stronger and harder to chip off. Not only does this coat make the nails look cuter, but it also protects them. Aurora nails are also really easy to maintain, and if you maintain them properly and consistently, then your nails will be very long-lasting.

Aurora nails are very trendy because of their ability to reflect your personality. These nails also allow people to experiment with different colours and textures ,which helps them learn a lot about their own preferences. Thus, aurora nails are extremely famous and you should definitely try them out! We hope this article was helpful for you.