You may be a big fan of shapewear, but if you have sensitive skin, there is a lot to consider. You cannot just buy any shapewear without knowing how your skin will react.

You only need to be careful in selection and find shapewear that is gentle on your skin. What should you do? Let’s get started!

Knowing About Sensitive Skin

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If your skin is easily irritated by certain clothes, it means you are sensitive. It is possible to feel itching and discomfort. If this happens to you, look for shapewear and fabrics that can help reduce these issues. You need to learn about your skin before buying shapewear.

Prefer Breathable Fabrics

When you select shapewear for sensitive skin, you should pick breathable fabrics. Most brands provide hypoallergenic fabrics to help such people. What you need is to find shapewear made from cotton, soft and breathable. There will be less risk of your skin getting allergic reactions when you wear this shapewear.

Cotton is natural and it can wick moisture away from the skin, allowing air circulation. This is why people prefer buying wholesale shapewear made from cotton. Waistdear is a brand that can help people with sensitive skin issues.

Look for Seamless Designs

You will feel friction and irritation if you wear seam designs. So, you can choose seamless shapewear to reduce the risk of chafing. It also provides a smoother figure to your body. Moreover, they’re perfect when you want to achieve comfort.

If you see seamless construction, it eliminates rough edges and reduces irritation risk. In fact, such designs can help give you a sleek look under any clothing. You may struggle to find completely seamless options. In that case, you can go with flat seams shapewear. They are also less likely to rub against your skin and cause discomfort.

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Choose the Right Compression Level

As said earlier, shapewear comes in different compression levels, from light to firm. So, people with sensitive skin should choose light to medium compression for comfort. This is because high compression can increase friction and pressure, causing irritation.

This can be a major issue when you wear waist trainers. For trainers, you need the right size with medium compression for the right support. So, whenever you buy wholesale waist trainers, remember to pick the right compression.

Avoid Synthetic Chemicals

Some people are allergic to chemicals used in the making of shapewear. So, dyes and chemicals may irritate their skin. What is the solution, then? You can opt for shapewear labeled as hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals. In fact, you can ensure certifications such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This will ensure that shapewear is free from harmful substances and is safe for your skin.

Waistdear: A Solution to Your Sensitive Skin!

You need to pay close attention if you have sensitive skin. If you follow these steps and tips, you will have the perfect shapewear collection. Make the right choice and feel comfortable!