I believe that many girls and their own girlfriend had a bath, you will find that each person’s chest is not the same long.

With the arrival of the summer, cool clothes to wear on the body, and sometimes wear underwear, not only silhouette, the color can see clearly, but also exposed your shortcomings of the chest!

To create a good-looking breast, to be a delicate woman, then the first choice you have to first understand their own chest is what type, according to their chest type for their own underwear, can be called healthy and beautiful woman The

Ranking the first is the circular chest type, and if you have such a breast, then you can congratulate you, born a beautiful shape, any underwear control is particularly good ~ these two is to control them no problem!

Soft cup ultra-thin small chest underwear French lace no steel ring
For the simple style of office workers white collar for this smooth lace lace deep V steel-free bra is very appropriate, had a hard day, in the high-pressure working environment, no steel ring design can be substantially reduced From the pressure of the body!

Ultra-thin breast underwear silk no steel ring
French type of bra really is suitable for a small chest, small chest fashion is that underwear is also wearing a fashion trend of fashion, and the classic hanging neck lace and those, no pressure to adjust and gather ~

Breast type, nipple and breast are to the left and right sides of the expansion of the shape, for the girls, but also occupy the majority of a type. So, to choose some adjustment medium and inward concentration of underwear Oh ~ the following two bra may be able to help you.

Half a cup of soft steel bracelet summer simple girl a piece of no trace of the United States underwear gather small bra
I think the bra can express a girl’s heart of a signal, this shell pattern cup design of the bra, is a good girl to show the heart of the heart of the girl friends

The lateral thoracic and thoracotomy are somewhat similar, but are more plentiful, and there is flat space in the middle of the breast. This type of breast type requires a shallow cup of bra to improve. And this bra is very suitable for your breast slightly ~

No steel ring thin section of the thin cup cup sexy sexy lace summer big size big breast underwear bra set
Can not help but recommend this black lace bra, cross the United States and the back of the shoulder strap and pull the chest and gather the effect, are particularly suitable for breast type you. Coupled with a careful machine perspective mesh fabric, hey, could not help but feel their sexy beauty da ~

Teardrop type is also called tear type, although the chest is also round shape, but the chest will be slightly drooping, although it is relatively easy to control a variety of styles of breast type, but still recommend the choice of fixed, gather and other types of bra friends.

Ultra-thin sexy lace bra soft cup no steel ring triangular cup sleep underwear girl
Sexy French lace bra, a person can not help but heart of the Mensao and feminine flavor. Although it is thin section of the lace triangular cup, but not dew point no bumps, sleep or summer out to wear are very appropriate