When will you want to change lingerie? Wait for it rotten (a bit hard)? In fact, ordinary bra life is almost 3 months to 6 months, so a dozen underwear to wear for half a year will change. But alone can not decide the time to suit your underwear, even if some underwear did not wear for so long, but from its various details of the performance of the replacement of it! Do not hesitate, three phenomena to remind you of the underwear for the change!

1, chest cups often move up

There are cups running up, usually because of your underwear bottom edge, that is, the place where the iron is too loose, more common in the purchase did not identify clearly, resulting in the size of underwear selection error, chest cup too shallow , Can only float like a plate on your chest. So when you raise your hand when the underwear naturally followed up.

Adjust the type of underwear full cup bra thin section of the collection of deputy milk to gather no sponge back to large size big chest was a small bra
This underwear fresh color and thin fabrics, coupled with fine lace, suitable for a girl heart you. Full cup wide bottom Wai, steel ring for the larger chest type, no sponge slim design, gentle wrapped chest comfortable and breathable.

Large size health full cup adjustment underwear no sponge bra thin section gather close milk big chest was a small bra
Thin mold cup surface covered with a layer of flower lace face, the difference is that the heart with a three-dimensional buds dotted, intellectual and yet fine, can be improved to improve the breast and big chest was small.

2, chest or back indentation

Underwear a solution, the chest was clearly marked steel ring, which means that underwear cup selection is too small, through the small underwear is not only conducive to the chest breathing will cause oppression, to buy lingerie to accurately understand their own size The

Special sexy burst ultra-thin models lace underwear ladies bra set Europe and the United States breathable large size bra no sponge
Lace with sweet and graceful, with a few tempting charming graceful posture from the models, as thousands of women’s beloved things. Legend of the girl because there is a lace dream, began to tender and beautiful, and then, a woman’s dream, a man’s dream, as if also intertwined in this mysterious lace.

No sponge ultra-thin section bra big chest is a small lace gather adjustment bra bra lingerie b cup c full cup
Full lace cup, this kind of underwear is more suitable for most people, and three rows of four buckle, is a fixed shoulder strap, no sponge, a steel ring, as well as adjust the side of the role of gathering, is very common style.

3, cups along the space swing or too pressure chest

Empty description of the cup is too large, pressure chest that cup is too small. There are two cases, that this underwear is not for you, please do not hesitate to discard it.

Sleep without steel ultra-thin section of the collection of bra no sponge big chest big white white woman Tube Top three buckle underwear
This underwear is no steel ultra-thin section, big chest MM wear is small Oh! This underwear is mainly very light and comfortable, summer wear is not hot and cool, this summer you deserve it!