Girls should lingerie manufacture rknow that lingerie is a woman in our lives can never be separated from a product, it can not only protect our chest, but also help us to create a more perfect stature! But you know, some have faded, deformation and even fabric aging underwear, do not wear it!

First, the supporting role of weak

We should all know that we wear lingerie is a major reason to prevent our chest sagging, if you choose to support the role of very weak bra, then, and that is not what is the difference between wearing underwear?

Lingerie underwear adjustment type
Chest petite is innate, but can use functional underwear to make up. This section of the bra with a super-gathering effect, combined with widening the side can effectively lock the fat on both sides, pushing back the cup, to create a rounded full of charming chest, tight clothes can easily control.

Second, substandard size

When we wear a different size underwear, what is the feeling of you, there is no sense of underwear under the tight as if they are not breathing smooth? At this time, we should consider to buy a large base of the bottom of the underwear Oh!

A piece of steel-free high-thick section
This underwear fixed performance, stability, coating are very good, according to their own shape to adjust the more comfortable size. No steel ring zero bound, no oppression, return to natural comfort, favorable blood circulation, strong pull does not decline, comfortable without any marks.

Third, the shoulder strap down

When we walk in public places, the shoulder straps do not fall on the embarrassment of everyone should have experienced it, and sometimes we may use a fixed shoulder strap gadget, but it can not be a good solution to the problem. In fact, the shoulder strap is not suitable for a down jacket performance, this time we should consider the replacement of new underwear Oh!

Summer bra bra bra
Suitable underwear can adjust the body, can improve the body curve, increase the three-dimensional beauty. This section bra comfortable no steel ring, care chest health, bring unrestrained wearing experience. Gather strong, can effectively chest height, and upgrade the cup function.

Four, not stealth

When we wear some of the clothes, the obvious signs of underwear can not help but let us some embarrassment, so this underwear or autumn and winter wear more thick when the most appropriate, spring and summer season or choose stealth underwear as well.

Five, steel ring uncomfortable

Used to wear steel lingerie girls should pay attention to, and a lot of low-quality underwear steel ring will cause great harm to the body, so we feel uncomfortable when the steel ring, do not just think about the temporary adjustment, but must Decisively abandon it!

Six, cup is too small

Want to pursue the chest will be exposed to the effect of dew? Then do not choose cups too small underwear forced to squeeze out the breast, it is easy to lead to changes in the chest type! Therefore, wear their own cup underwear is the most perfect.

Seven, the end of the road longer

I believe there are many girls prefer to lengthen the bottom of the style of underwear, but when we buckle the underwear on the outermost row of buckle will feel the chest pressure on the steel ring, then we still for a new underwear