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Underwear is our most personal clothing, but most women are not the standard way to wear, they usually make these mistakes:

1. wear a small bra
Some women in order to make the chest look more, will choose to wear a small bra, but through the tight bra affect the breast blood and lymph circulation, likely to cause ischemia, may also cause breast hyperplasia, and even induce breast cancer The

2. through the loose bra
Some people like to wear loose clothes, so the bra also choose the big one, loose, completely did not play the role of supporting the breast, it is easy to cause breast sagging, especially the chest more full of women.

3. Do not adjust the shoulder
With the adjustment of the shoulder strap is a very important step to wear bra, but many people are ignored. Appropriate to adjust the shoulder strap, can better fix the breast, to prevent breast sagging.

4 chest buckle buckle and then turn after
Some women think that the back of the hand back to the back of the bra button is very troublesome, so come up with a “simple” approach, the bravers in front of the buckle in front of the buckle and then turn the direction of the bra, but this method is Easy to make the chest of the steel ring and the location of the bottom of the deviation, but also because the cup position is not correct and cause breast spill.

5. Wear a bra to sleep
Some women are afraid of breast sagging, so all day wearing a bra, and some even sleep also wearing bra. But this day 24 hours wearing a bra, it is easy to cause poor breast blood circulation, induced breast disease. Therefore, female friends must be regularly loose to the breast, especially when sleeping must take off the bra.

6. ignore the deputy milk
Some women wear bra only pay attention to the breast, but often overlooked the armpit of small meat (that is, deputy milk). The correct approach should be put on the bra, the hand will also be part of the cupcass into the cup, so to prevent the affective appearance of the negative, but also make the chest look more full.

Underwear to wear well, is the “long” out of the dairy it? Not necessarily! Deputy milk is also true and false, to really eliminate them, first to learn to distinguish between true and false.

Pseudo dairy no breast, nipples, mostly because of the day after wearing underwear, fat accumulation and other reasons. Body fat more, or underwear choose to wear improper, will cause this situation.

1, really deputy milk wear plastic underwear is useless! Because the real deputy milk has a vice breast, and the role of plastic underwear probably only better to the deputy milk into the underwear. But the long run, may cause poor circulation, causing serious consequences, it can only be removed by surgery and massage to ease.
2, pseudo-negative preference for obese people and mother groups. This can be done by adjusting the underwear and daily massage.

In fact, lingerie manufacturer there are few real people in real life, most of them are false vice milk. You know how to eliminate the pseudo-breast massage method

step1: in the arm position with a compact effect of the massage oil, arm from the direction of the armpit slowly push up, this method effective massage to the medial meridian of the armpit, so that the effect of tight detoxification, repeat the action 5 times Can be.
step2: for the armpit and chest skin smear massage oil, while the hand can be close to the armpit position, from outside and inside the method push to help the fat tightened back to the chest position.
step3: At the same time, the other side of the hand can be close to the chest position, light up push push, so that the chest lines more compact, there will not be sagging situation.
Step4: Repeat 15 times on each side.

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