Wearing so long underwear, do not know the baby have not found a small detail, underwear buttons on the back there are two of the three, and even the front buckle underwear, which is why? What is the number of underwear buckles?

Some women will even think it is not the more the better buckle, the answer is certainly not friends, three rows or four rows of breasts will be relatively wide, you can play the role of gathering, the more ways to talk about the more The better the effect of gathering or even more tight, so that this is to choose according to demand.

In general, the two rows of more common we also prefer to choose two buckle underwear, in fact, this is also a reason with their own bust Oh, the baby is relatively small baby can choose double breasted underwear, no Empty cup will not feel the feeling of tightening.

Big bust is necessary to choose three-row buckle design, but the three-row buckle up may only hang two hooks, so the baby must wear attention when wearing Oh, if less a button may be very loose, the chest Or a little bit of influence, the three-row buckle of the fixed than the two-row buckle better, three-row buckle plus steel ring can prevent the phenomenon of sagging chest.

Four rows and above the basic belong to the adjustment of the underwear, more suitable for the usual time to wear, a good protection of the chest can also be a wild clothing, you can continue to maintain a beautiful body.

In short if you are A or B wearing two buckle underwear on it, C will wear three rows of buckle and D or E may choose to choose four-row buckle, according to this situation can be selected, chest type increase row Buckle increase, like F, G, then we must choose five rows of buckle, but the baby who is also limited can not always increase.