A friend said he did not know in the end when it was suitable for wearing bra, so often ask girls to wear underwear for several years? How do girls care breasts?

General girls grow to 16 to 18 years old, the development of the chest and breasts is close to mature, or with a soft foot from the bottom of the breast through the nipple to the bottom of the breast measurement, up and down more than 16cm when you should wear bra. If the age is less than 16 years old and breast up and down less than 16cm, you should not wear bra. Because prematurely wearing a bra is not only in the development of bulging breasts are unfavorable, but also affect the future secretion of milk.

If the breast is fully developed without wearing bra, but also on breast development. Because the body of the breast need special protection, timely wear bra is an ideal and simple way. Wear bra to protect the breast, support and set off the breast, so that the blood circulation is smooth, contribute to the development of the breast; can reduce walking, exercise and labor when the breast swing, to prevent breast relaxation sag; can promote the accumulation of fat in the breast Breasts are more plentiful, but also make up for breasts too small physiological defects.

2, pay attention to maintain the correct sitting, standing, line posture. Girls in their daily lives to pay attention to: walking to the rise of the chest, abdomen tight buttocks; sitting too chest to do, do not have chest hump; sleep to take the supine or side, do not prone

3, more for the breast of the local massage. Massage can make breasts full. Method is every morning and before going to sleep, with his hands to massage the breast 10 minutes, from the breast around the nipple, and finally pull the nipple 5 times. This is because the massage can enhance blood circulation, allowing the nervous system to strengthen the activities of the ovaries will secrete a large number of estrogen and progesterone, promote breast development. Massage at the same time, the appropriate increase in nutrition can enhance the effect of massage

4, to strengthen the exercise, good chest fitness. Mainly to strengthen the chest of muscle exercise, such as appropriate to do more chest movement or push-ups, chest exercises and so on. Chest gymnastics can promote breast development under the breast, while the breast is the basis of breast support, for the smaller breasts, breast enlargement can make breast protrusion.

5, select the appropriate bra. Wear a suitable bra can make the breast support, to ensure that the blood circulation, to prevent the movement of breast shocks, but also anti-outside, cold and warm role. When do you start wearing a bra? As the breast development of individual differences are very large, not to delineate the age, according to breast development, generally believed that the basic shape of the breast began to wear appropriate, it was also suggested that the use of soft leather ruler from the bottom of the breast through the nipple to the bottom of the breast Distance, length greater than 16 cm, you can wear bra