Inner beauty is an indispensable part of the United States, I believe many babies have heard this sentence. So the weather is getting cooler, the winter is coming soon, do not choose not to wear underwear Oh! In fact, most of the time underwear is a person’s clothing, good body, but need to set off underwear. Then let Xiaobian to introduce some underwear type, the baby to buy the most suitable for their own choice Oh!

1. One piece of incense adjustable underwear
This kind of underwear is the most suitable for small chest baby who wear, to show the female body curve. And a piece of seamless underwear wearing more comfortable, like the skin, will not leave traces, to highlight the graceful figure, and sweat breathable, wearing more comfortable.

2. No steel ring without trace adjustment bra
No edge of the rims of the underwear is difficult to see the traces of underwear, and not only fashion, but also wearing a more comfortable close, but also has a gathering function, no steel ring shackles, but also to reduce the breast pressure, breathable, Good effect, is one of the highlights of the figure.

3. half cup bra
Half a cup of bra is directly supporting the breast, and more conducive to clothing with, and half a cup of breasts for the breast to enhance the effect of better, and the baby’s baby are particularly suitable for half a cup of bra, because the chest will become more full The

4. Adjust the type of donated breasts
There are a lot of babies are back milk, summer when wearing a vest will be very ugly, received breasts are designed for such babies are designed to allow the deputy milk disappeared, and let the chest more full, More curves, adjustable underwear can help you!