The approaching Summer of 2021 brings about new hope for the future. As the last year was a tad bit lousy and depressing. We welcome the new year with bright thoughts. We are ready to embrace the new trends. This also starts with nail colors’ bright and colorful nail color really enlightens your day. So let us look at what colors this summer include. Whether there are the old classics or the softer shades. Let us take a look at some of the nail lacquers which will take your manicures to a new peak.

1.Vibrant Yellow

For once we want to forget the helplessness and desperation of the last year and start the summer with a bang. What better than a brightening hue of yellow to start our summer with. This vibrant yellow color is perfect for beach outings, barbecues, and movies with friends. It looks great with your casual outfits and is perfect to start your summer with


2.The timeless Red

Our favorite is the classic and timeless red, which never goes out of fashion. When you need to make a statement about something in your bold avatar. Red is the color you choose. Specifically, the coral red. If you are shy and hesitant in trying out red color. Don’t be shy, just go for that red color and make a great statement. Red is the color as you can wear it anywhere at a nightclub, a party or even a beach. It goes with all kinds of assembles. Just remember to keep your nails buffed.


As we need some warmth along with bright sunshine and hope, orange is the color’s we are excited about this color orange and the contrast that it can create. It works well with plain colors like black or white. Anyone can wear orange and with any kind of attire and any color too. You just need to pull it off with your confidence.

4.Light green or Spearmint

Spearmint means a light green color, which shows your softer feminine side. It is a fresh color and very trendy. It suits everyone and brings out your bubbly personality. It looks great with all the colors, but if you need anything specific then it is a great pair with blue and white clothes. You will surely catch the eye of that special person.

5. Mulberry

Not only a yummy fruit, but also an appealing shade, that gives you a subtle soft feeling. It can be used as your regular nail polish too. You can pair it with your purse, bag or shoes too. This is a shade that brings out more of your feminine side. It is a great choice for everyone and even easier to pull it off.

6.Pink like a Candy

A must-have wardrobe staple and the color which every girl always has is pink. But this candy pink color provides a welcome to the new season. It works with all kinds of nails, whether short or long or manicured. It never gets old. If you want to look perfect, match the color with your lipstick and you will pull off a great feminine and put-together look, whether casual or formal.

7. Minty Green

Mint is the best in summers. It provides you a cool and fresh outlook. Similarly, the minty green color is a great choice for summer. It gives you a piece of calm especially when you are on that much needed vacation. Just chilling out with your friends or simply with a book. This color looks great with all kinds of attire and is a lovely choice

8. Blue and its various shades

Blue and its various shades are a great option for all nowadays. It is creative and is trending right now. It shows that you are the one who takes risks and is great to show off your personality.

So, these were some hottest nail lacquer trends go and get your favorites now.