This piece is a basic that I think we should have in all sizes and colors, this shirt is that garment that I assure you that Carolina Herrera must-have in all shades of white, this shirt that has been for decades is still part of our lives daily, if you want to create a wardrobe that is perfect and where you have all the basic and necessary garments for your daily life, obviously including those pieces that are not basic but give that most unique touch to your style.

Many times we get carried away by trends and we fill our closet with pieces that we use only once and we end up with many garments that do not fill us with joy as Marie Kondo says, and we end up buying more pieces and more pieces that we do not need just to continue being In fashion, you don’t need to have all that, you only need the basics and several trendy garments that you think will last and are not just a catwalk trend. If you want to know how to have that dream wardrobe, there are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube on how to create it, they are very helpful.

The shirt is one of those garments, in whatever size you have it even if it is oversized, that you can combine it with anything you already have in your wardrobe or whatever you add to your closet, Oscar de la Renta mixed a dress with a white shirt, if he can do that, we can also use it with anything, every year it reinvents itself and each designer comes out with their new version of it totally renewed or adding some pattern or accessory that we are excited to add to our style.

Obviously you do not need to be a designer but if you want to invest in a quality garment you can do it, but there are many brands that create their own version in organic cotton and linen that in addition to being made in a sustainable way is a garment that will last for For a long time, it is a garment in which you should invest because believe me this shirt is not going to go anywhere so I think it is an investment that is very worth it, and it is perfect for any season, from spring and use it with skirts until winter where you can combine it with cashmere sweaters, it is perfect for 365 days a year, believe it or not.