A good make up look can be enhanced multifold when the eye make up is on point. With the perfect eye make up and choosing the right color combination, the eyes look well defined and enhanced. But it is so difficult to figure which eye look to pair with what outfit and how to apply for best results. This is where this article can help. Below, there is a list of some amazing eye shadow styles to make your eyes stand out. Scroll through and find your perfect and most suitable eye shadow look that will make everyone go crazy!

Creamsicle Inner Peach Palette

Let’s start with this super-wearable look created by Tobi Henney, a famous makeup artist. Use a creamsicle-colored eye makeup to achieve these lovely orange eyes. Get this look by using a combination of warm colours in peaches, corals, and coppers in creamy matte, matte sparkle, and sparkling metallic finishes. This look is an everyday wear and is easy on the eyes. It is not too bold or vibrant and goes with all outfits. It adds a tinge of color to your eyes making you look pretty gorgeous.

Uh Oh Honey Golden Yellow Palette

Take a small precise brush and dip it in an opaque neon yellow eye makeup for a stunning spring look. Then apply it to the entire lid. It doesn’t have to be perfect (clean it up with a cotton swab and makeup remover once you’re finished). It has a lot of life to it, which is adorable. Every hue of yellow under the sun is represented in this yellow monochrome palette. Super pigmented matte, metallic, and Pressed Glitter shadows in bright, lively, happy colours are like sunshine in a palette. Get a fresh, breezy and bold look for yourself right now.

Lilac You A Lot Eye Shadow Palette

Monochromatic eye makeup trends are all the rage right now, especially when they feature eye-catching lavender. Apply a pigmented pastel lavender and smooth it out in a circular motion to achieve this look. Then, using your ring finger, apply a sparkly silver in the centre. In this dreamiest palette yet, there’s a lot of lilac. The lilac monochromatic palette combines velvety matte shadows and eye-catching metallics to help you achieve your greatest looks. It only takes one swatch to fall in love. Get this look for yourself right now.

On Cloud Blue Eye Shadow Palette

Smooth an opaque brilliant cream formula across the lid for a stunning effect. It is preferred to apply these shadows with our fingers because the quality isn’t damaged by fine brush bristles. It doesn’t need to be blended (and not much shaping either). It only serves to make your eyes pop. Isn’t it simple and effective? With this baby blue palette, you will be taken to new heights! Swipe on all of your blue emotions! This gorgeous hue has it all, from ice to denim to pure baby blue. Do not wait up any more and get your hands on this beauty right now!

Wine and Only Eye Shadow Palette

Applying eyeliner simply to the bottom lash line is one of our favourite methods to achieve a basic yet effective eye makeup look. A number of celebrities, like Shay Mitchell, Olivia Munn, and others, have made this so-called upside-down eyeliner fashionable. This palette is a love letter to the favourite hue of wine, with rich burgundy and deep reds. This beautifully pigmented palette will be a staple in your collection, whether you want to make a statement or add a splash of colour.

With amazing colors and gorgeous styles comes great responsibility and one such is perfecting the art of putting eye shadow. These palettes and looks will add an oomph factor to your whole look and are sure to make some heads turn. Get on with the trend and pick your favourite palette and get your eye shadow style sorted.