Summer is the time to liven up your wardrobe. Whether it is by styling your clothes differently than how you usually would or adding a statement piece such as a watch.

Watches are great statement pieces, and often underrated additions to a person’s wardrobe. Like sunglasses watches hold their own placement, it is only a matter of finding the perfect fit that can elevate your outfit from a zero to a hundred.

Lucky for you, here is a guide to colorful watches that will brighten up your summer wardrobe!

The Color: Swatch

The swatch line has been pretty popular for many years now, and we can easily agree that its popularity is within good reason.

The Swatch has playful watches in fun colors such as green, yellow, blue, white, and more. This allows you to add some whimsy and brighten a monochromatic outfit and make it much more fun for the summer!

The Luxury: TAG Heuer

If you’re looking to turn the colorful summer watch into more of an investment, then you have our full support and blessing to invest in a TAG Heuer watch because of course if you’re going to buy a watch, it may well be from one of the best brands.

The best part about investing in TAG is that you get hundreds of options away from the basic blacks and whites. Of course, when its summertime, you may as well go all out with a great pink addition on your wrist, that screams summer vibes.

Just pair your watch with a full Barbie look, or even a simple run-on-the-mill look could work to serve the watch!

The Favorite: Lacoste Neocrock

I think it goes without saying, anything the Lacoste produces – we are buying. Particularly this watch is a great addition to your wardrobe and daily life as the minimalist approach, yet the fun color infusion might just be the thing you need this summer.

This Lacoste watch primarily has a white palette, however with the addition of a fun pop of color. If you’re someone who is just starting to add some color to their summer, this would be the perfect investment!

The Elixir: Maurice Lacroix

Trendsetter and influencers often forget that gold is a perfectly awesome color on its own, without being known as the accent color. So, when it comes to talking about a gold watch, we have to mention Maurice Lacroix.

Gold is elegant. Period. If you’re looking to set a trend this summer and appear more fun and enthusiastic about color in your life, well then, the Maurice Lacroix watch is for you!

The Classic: Rolex Datejust 31

How is it that we can talk about watches and not mention the grandfather of them all, the Rolex? Well of course a luxury brand, however, isn’t that what you need for this summer?

The Rolex watch collection is impeccable, there is no lie in that, however, the particular one that we are mentioning has a dreamy purple interior with a classic silver exterior. If that’s not fun and colorful then what is?

Watches are timeless pieces and great additions to a person’s styling. Having a great colorful watch this summer will guarantee a complete outfit!