Have you been thinking of what to shop for family and friends this Christmas? this is some guess works for Christmas shopping to make sure your loved ones enjoy the season. Christmas gifts are said to be one of the most precious things you can give out, no matter your age, gender, or personality.

After all, a gift shopping list always adds up which makes it a bit hard to know exactly how much you are supposed to spend on a gift. Just because the gifts are cheap to doesn’t mean it has to look like crap. If you’re shopping for gifts that are under 100$, here are our top best gift ideas;

1. Gift cards

If you are stumped on what to gift your friends and loved ones, your best bet will be to get a gift card from their favourite stores. They can be physical or electronic cards that have a specific cash value and can be used in place of money for goods or services. They are cheap and reliable and are more personal than cash gifts. You can get gift cards from amazon, iTunes, eBay, Steam, and other neighbourhood stores for as low as 25$ (USD).

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2. Electric rechargeable toothbrush

You’d be surprised how excited an electric rechargeable toothbrush will make some of us. It is a great gift item for Christmas. It is affordable and a great deal when choosing a gift under $100 (USD).

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3. Board game

Board games are another pleasing gift for both children and adults. They are wallet-friendly and provide indoor and outdoor activities for different occasions. Board games like chess, scrabble, monopoly, etc are all great Christmas gifts.

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4. Shaving sets

Maybe not your first choice but still a great Christmas gift for friends and family. Getting a good shave is everyone’s priority so why don’t you provide your dad, brother, or friends with a great shaving set? They are affordable and reliable gifts to shop so if you have difficulty figuring out Christmas gifts.

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5. Jewellery

Jewellery is another thing that brings excitement during Christmas. Women are usually the most excited about jewellery but men shouldn’t be left behind. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and bangles are all interesting gifts for Christmas.

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Regardless of what we gift our friends, family, and colleagues for Christmas, the thought is what always counts. The items on this list are easy to get at any nearby store at less than $100 (USD). When in doubt, remember that the value of the gift is as important as the act of gifting itself.