After the Christmas thrill comes the new Year and another reason to be excited and gift your loved ones. The reason to gift your loved ones never ends, does it? If you’re looking to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones by gifting them, there are tons of items you can gift them. And in this article, you’ll definitely find at least one item that will be perfectly befitting for anyone you intend to gift.

Whether your giftee loves junk, all things beauty or collects coffee mugs, in this article you’ll find what’s befitting for them and even more ideas you didn’t think of. Below are new year gift ideas you can give your loved ones in 2023.

New year gift ideas for your loved ones

1. Scented candles

Scented candles are items that seem like they were made to be gifted. A lover of nice fragrance will definitely smile ear to ear when they receive this. This particular brand comes in two scents, lavender and fresh rose for just $18 on Amazon.

2. Chocolates

Looking to give a sweet tooth a present? Get them chocolates! They’ll absolutely love the Ferrero collection. This set contains 32 chocolate mixtures of Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Coconut flavors.

3. Skincare products

Bolden Clear Skin Travel Kit
Bolden Clear Skin Travel Kit

For anyone obsessed with skincare, this affordable travel kit from Bolden is the perfect gift. It contains a gentle cleanser, a nourishing and calming toner, a brightening moisturizer with sunscreen and  nighttime serum that’s perfect for every skin type.

4. Potted Plants

Got an aspiring plant mum or dad in the family? You can help them kickstart their plant parenting journey by getting them these adorable fake potted plant sets. It can also be used to decorate the home minus the frequent watering and trimming.

5. Coffee mug

IDOKER Coffee Mug
IDOKER Coffee Mug

A coffee lover definitely loves to collect cute coffee mugs. Make them happy by getting them this 12OZ coffee mug that has the ability to make your coffee remain hot or cold for 3 and 6 hours respectively. It is also long lasting and safe to use in any occasion.

6. New year greeting cards

Editable Christmas Card with Photo
Editable Christmas Card with Photo

You can decide to take things back to the way it’s being done and get someone a greeting card. For just $14 you can get 24 greeting cards with envelopes that come in unique designs. That’s enough to go round for everyone you might want to give. If you don’t have too many people to give, it can also last till the following year.