If you`re looking for the best Valentine`s gift, shopping online is the way to go, especially during a pandemic. You can let your boyfriend or girlfriend know how much they mean to you through the love language of giving gifts.

Shops like Etsy, and online malls are full of unique and fun gifts that your significant other will surely appreciate! Here are our top picks for Valentine`s day!

Love Light Box

Give your significant other a customized love light box that will surprise him or her of your thoughtful gesture. A customized love light may seem like a regular lamp box but once opened, it shows your customized message. Pretty sweet, right?

It`s an affordable way to deliver you short but sweat message to your loved one. It also makes a great night lamp too! For your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband have a reminder that you care and love for them, can help them sleep soundly every night.

Be Healthy with Hearty Tea Options

Does your girl love drinking tea or wanting to practice a healthier lifestyle? Support their love for tea by giving them heart-shaped tea bags that is adorable and perfect for that Instagram picture.

Valentine`s Basket for an All-in-One Package

Go the extra mile and pack a Valentine`s Day Gift basket that both you and your significant other can enjoy through a picnic or at-home date night.

There are many different types of Valentine`s baskets ranging from $29.99 to a couple of hundreds.

If you want the basket totally personalized, you can also make it yourself by getting the food, drinks and items that your girlfriend or boyfriend would love!

Electric Massager

Give your partner an easier time by gifting them with a back massager that can help ease back and muscle pains. Let them know that you want them to relax and have a good time, especially after work or after a stressful day through this best-selling Viktor Jurgen Back Massager.

Fun Couple Face Masks

Are you looking for something quirky and in expensive at the same time? You can get matching face masks that`s fun and functional.

The simple but unique design will give both of you a laugh whenever you look at each other while outside.

Couple Jewelry

One of the most common but very special gift you can get are couple jewelries that will remind both of you of your love and commitment to each other wherever you both are. They`re excellent keepsakes that you both can even pass down to your children in the future.