If there’s something we women never do without, it’s shoes, right?

After all, each of these beautiful pairs is for us to make them much more beautiful and elegant, isn’t it?

However, there are some specific models that need to be true jokers in our wardrobes. That’s because, for each type of clothing, you need the right shoes.

However, it is necessary to keep in mind that you don’t need to have several pairs, but some models that are timeless for all occasions and in today’s article we are going to talk about spring shoe trends to brighten up your wardrobe.

-Platform Shoe: It still remains as a big bet the platform will remain and in all its versions. Half leg, full platform, block heel, stiletto heel, square or round toe, there’s no shortage of options!

Some models are gaining more and more prominence, such as strappy sandals and varnish pumps.

An icon of the 2000s, the clog reappears in current times. It can be Neutral, colorful, slide or flip-flop style, it is already in several fashionista looks. Despite being a model with high heels, it is more comfortable to wear them on a daily basis, as it has flat sole. So, if you are looking for a shoe that is high and at the same time comfortable, the clog is the bet.

Success last year, paper will continue! Synonymous with comfort, it appears in several variations: neutral, with natural materials, lashings, tractors, sport, flatform, colored and with stones in its most glam version. Options will not be lacking for the composition of your looks. Wearing papers with stockings became a hit among fashionistas in winter, next season the trend continues, but with thin stockings and transparency effects.

The sandals with lashings came back straight from the 2000s and 2010s, the famous gladiators! Initially launched as a more traditional model with thick straps. The gladiator appears with a more “clean” style, with thin straps and more stylish shapes, geometric heels and appliqués. So it’s much easier to combine them in looks. Can be used with the highest lashing or just on the ankle, as a detail in the look.

If you are looking for a comfortable and practical shoe, the moccasin is the right choice. Every day he is seen more in street-style looks, from his traditional model to the tractor. It goes perfectly with more basic or elegant looks, transitioning between styles. Our tip is to bet on colorful models for the next season.

A heel model to keep an eye on and easily combine with sandals with a geometric heel: flare also known as a cup. For those who like to bet on stylish and different shoes, this is the best option. Pumps and sandals are some options with heels. Bet!

And speaking of shoes, an important issue is knowing how to store them in a versatile and much easier way for you to organize yourself.

After all, who has never suffered looking for the best way to organize their pairs of shoes?

A very large number of shoes ends up creating a problem: organization.

If you are looking for a practical organization, the best thing is that they are organized according to the usefulness of the pairs. For example, the shoes you wear most often should be easier to put on than those you only save for the most special occasions.

Another tip, which ends up being related to the last one, is that you can also pay attention to the fact that, as the seasons change, some pairs lose their usefulness until the next season returns.

It is unlikely that you will wear sandals in winter, as they are open-toed shoes that are recommended for use in the warmer seasons.

Another interesting tip is to organize your shoes according to style. Those who have a more casual style can be grouped on one side and those who are formal on the other. Thus, you will have a very practical way to find out which shoe best matches your look.

Yeah, it’s important to point out that collecting shoes is nobody’s business. Surely you must have some pairs in the back of your closet that you haven’t used for a while. And he has no interest in using them again.

In this case, the best option is detachment. After all, you don’t want to become a shoe hoarder.

There are also specific pieces of furniture that can optimize the space in which you store your shoes and make organization easier. This is the case with shoe racks, niches, shelves and even multipurpose shelves. All this furniture can help you better organize your shoes.

But you don’t have to spend a lot of money looking for a unique piece of furniture either. It’s also worth using your imagination: baskets, screens and even a ladder can not only help you better organize your shoes but can also be part of your home decor!

Sometimes organizing the closet is not enough, the problem may be the lack of space to store the many pairs of shoes.

Having trouble finding enough space to store and organize many pairs of shoes?

A great option if you suffer from this is self-storage. It is an individual box that you can rent at a very affordable price and with a flexible contract.

The space you rent in a self-storage is completely yours: only you have the key. In addition to being a great solution for storing shoes that you don’t wear often, whether due to circumstances or the season, you can store whatever you want in the box.

Now that you already know the shoe options to compose spring looks, throw yourself into the selected options.